Who Am I?

We are traveling for the next few weeks and I won’t be able to compose detailed blog entries from our trip, so I have scheduled a couple of posts about our favorite topic – retirement. I will keep notes and take a zillion photographs in order to share our journey with you when we return. Please continue to leave comments for us and we will get back to you when we have internet service available. In the meanwhile, please check our Instagram page at Picture_Retirement to see photos from the trip while it is happening.


I’m Retired, Now What:

People seem to put a lot of effort into financial readiness for retirement, but they neglect to prepare for their new identity as a retiree. Retirement is sort of like going into a mandated witness protection program where no one knows who you were in your past life. Actually, no one cares who you were in your past life.  Honestly, when you are sitting across the card table on poker night, or leading a computer class at the local library, no one cares if you were a CEO or a car salesman.

Letting go of the identity that defined you for so long is not an easy process. But, I think you have to in order to move forward and fully embrace the joys of retirement.

Reinvent Yourself 101

  • Evaluate what makes you feel happy, fulfilled and productive
  • Write a description of who you want to be, right now, in this skin
  • Seek out people with similar interest – join groups
  • Learn a new skill or rekindle an interest in a former passion
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat healthy
  • Break bad habits
  • Eliminate negativity (including toxic relationships from your life)
  • Feed yourself with positive images, words, conversations and people
  • Express gratitude and make a choice to be happy, every day
  • Be present, mindful and patient as your new self evolves
  • Set goals and challenge yourself
  • Remain engaged and avoid complacency
  • Remain true to your core values and take the best parts of your old self along for the ride

We have worked long and hard to enjoy the reward of time to call our own, do what we want to do and be who we want to be. Life truly is what you make it, so why not make it wonderful? What would you add to the list to help someone who might be struggling with adjusting to their new retirement identity?




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How to Pack for a Thirty Day Vacation


Google Images Photo

How many clothes do you really need to pack for a thirty-day vacation? Before I answer that question, I need to provide a bit of background information. The “you” in this scenario is actually me, and I will be traveling on a ship, two airplanes, several trains and in a rental car. Both airlines that I will be flying have weight restrictions on checked and carry on luggage. Several train stations require navigating stairs. Did I mention that the temperature will fluctuate between 40 and 70 degrees during the month. Continue reading

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Taking the Slow Boat – Re-positioning Cruise

What is a Re-positioning Cruise

Each Spring cruise lines re-position many of their ships from Miami and Ft. Lauderdale to Europe in order to service itineraries there. The fares for these cruises are typically discounted in order to fill the ship for its voyage across the Atlantic.  The duration of a re-positioning cruise will depend on the cruise line and route, but are typically from twelve to fourteen days. These are not port intensive cruises and there are more sea days than port days. Disembarkation will typically happen in South Hampton, Barcelona or Rome. While fares are discounted, services are not sacrificed, and passengers enjoy all the amenities of full-fare cruises. Continue reading

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Captured Moments – New Beginnings

Every sunrise offers a new opportunity. Especially on this day, which symbolizes rebirth and renewal along with the promise of acceptance, forgiveness and grace. Today, we celebrate new beginnings.  Jekyll Island tree at sunrise


              Happy Easter

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Captured Moments – Springtime in Florida

Our South Florida geography does not lend itself to the traditional experience of four seasons, but we do notice subtle changes for at least three of the four. March and April however, introduce a vibrant  green backdrop, bursting with color that is undeniably Spring.

Majestic Palm Trees, palmtree

along with colorful bougainvillea and Hibiscus plants

spring5are iconic elements in every South Florida landscapes, but in Springtime, everyone joins  the celebration.

All those beautiful blossoms lying in wait, finally getting their chance to shine…

The Tabebuia tree has pale green leaves for the entire year, then for just a few weeks in Spring, this happens!


For me personally, the star of the show this year is this beautiful sunflower that I saw at Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales just a few days ago.


I have never seen a red sunflower and quite frankly did not know they existed. Bok Tower Gardens, in Lake Wales is a feast for the eyes any time of year. I typically visit there in March and December. You can read all about the gardens and estate in this post that I wrote from my winter visit.

Spring is short lived in our neck of the woods, so we enjoy this majestic beauty while we can, pollen and all. All too quickly it turns to Summer. Stay tuned, we have a lot to say about that.

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