Captured Moments – We Time

You might think that being retired means that all of our time is “we time,” but that isn’t necessarily so. We have separate obligations and interests, and the distractions of every day life interfere with “we time,” very much like it did when we were working. Getting away restores that much needed connection that we have a tendency to ignore from time to time and it reminds us to be kind to each other.

This week our Captured Moment is called “Connecting” and was taken on the beach at sunrise in Jekyll Island, Georgia.


If you would like to know more about this beautiful island, read our post from a previous visitĀ here.


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Thursday Doors – Darien, Georgia

At least twice per year, we travel across the Florida state line to enjoy time along coastalĀ  Georgia. When we are there, we explore the surrounding area, including Darien, which is where our favorite seafood restaurants are located.

Darien has an interesting history, and was settled by Scottish Highlanders in the 1700’s. James Oglethorpe had the grand idea of relocating folks from debtor’s prison in the United Kingdom to this area for a fresh start. He is also credited with rejecting slavery in the early colonies. We like him a lot. Anyway, at some point in the future, Catholicism was introduced to the colony and eventually the Church of the Nativity of Our Lady was constructed – most likely in the early 1900’s.


I had always assumed that the church was likely to have been built in the 1700’s or even 1800’s because of the influence of Spanish architecture, but nope, 1900’s. It is usually framed with Spanish moss hanging from the beautiful oak trees on the grounds, but since Irma just blew through the area a few weeks ago, there was no moss.

It is a pretty cool church, so if you are ever in Darien, GA, just ask a local where you can find the little church with the red door and they will point you in the right direction.

The Church of the Nativity of Our Lady in Darien, Georgia is my contribution to Norm2.0’s Thursday Doors. Enjoy!

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Captured Moments – Opportunity

“Luck is preparation meeting opportunity” Oprah Winfrey

Our Captured Moment this Sunday is of a Snowy Egret. I focused my lens and followed the bird for several minutes while it did absolutely nothing, and then finally, she lifted her wing and revealed my reward for being patient – a beautiful reflection.


As an amateur photographer, this shot is one in one thousand for me. Being in the right place at the right time means a lot, but being prepared makes the difference between success and disappointment. Have you had a moment when preparation and opportunity have collided? How did it turn out for you?

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Thursday Doors – Far Away

Several months ago I wrote about visiting Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas. You can read that story here. The water surrounding the former garrison turned prison, is crystal clear and attracts divers and adventurers from all over the world. It is the closest thing to the pristine beauty of a South Pacific atoll that exists in the US. The real draw however, is the fort itself. Surrounded by azure waters, and with the nearest civilization over sixty miles away, this was a place of complete isolation. Especially for its most famous resident, Dr. Samuel Mudd.

Fort Jefferson Door

“Faraway Doors” is my contribution to Thursday Doors sponsored by Norm 2.0. If you have not visited his serene little corner of the world, please do drop in. You will like what you see.

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Captured Moments – Solitude

Our “Captured Moment” for this Sunday is a self-portrait that I took while visiting my favorite beach. Malcolm and I go there regularly to photograph the beauty of the sea. Sometimes I go there to be alone. Solitude fills many needs inside my soul – clarity, creativity, energy; all things essential to happiness.


Did you know that loneliness is a synonym for solitude? Personally, I have never connected the two. What do you think?

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