Summer Makeover

Being retired means we get to travel, enjoy hobbies and interest, and pretty much claim time on our terms throughout the year.  But, when our South Florida summer rolls around it’s time to get serious about addressing neglected household projects.  It is brutally hot outside (heat index in excess of 104F) and anything that keeps us busy inside is a welcome activity.

We built our home in 2001 and back then, bold Mediterranean colors were in style – today, not so much. When we last decorated our bedroom, we painstakingly selected several coordinating fabrics, and had our bedding custom made through a design group. It was not cheap. We loved the sunny, tropical look of the room but after fifteen years, it was worn, outdated and time for a change. We have a different approach to home improvement projects  now that we are retired, and our goal was to create comfortable, inviting spaces without a huge cash investment. What we lack in budget, we make up for in our ‘can-do’ attitude.  Continue reading

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All Day Tours Are Not Created Equally- Beware

Malcolm and I recently relied on the advice of a hotel concierge in Lisbon for the best way to visit Sintra and Cascais. Both destinations are not far from the city and can be visited in one day. The two options presented to us were to hire a private car at 290 euro or join a tour bus group for 79 euro each.  The private car was cost prohibitive without another couple to share the ride and it did not include tickets to view the Pena Palace in Sintra. We chose the bus tour – no questions asked. Continue reading

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Two Great Day Trips From Porto

Malcolm and I are just home from a twelve day transatlantic cruise that took us from New York to Lisbon followed by a week in Portugal, which we split between Lisbon and Porto.

After disembarking the Azamara Journey in Lisbon, we took a three minute walk from the sea port to the train station where we boarded a train to Porto. The three hour journey was uneventful and after a quick train change in Coimbra, we arrived in Sao Bento, which is an event unto itself. Hand painted tiles cover the walls of the train depot and every tourist entering has the same agenda – selfies with some of the most famous tiles in the world. Continue reading

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Simply Bermuda

Note: In 2017 we posted this article about our first visit to Bermuda. We have since returned three times and have just completed our fourth visit on board the Azamara Journey. We are currently in route to the Azores and eventually Portugal, where we will disembark and spend a few days exploring Lisbon and Porto. Since internet access is unpredictable and it will be a while before we can share our current experience, I thought you might enjoy this look at Bermuda to understand why we keep coming back. 


We live in South Florida, home to some of the worlds most beautiful beaches and several mega cruise ports so we have done a fair share of Caribbean cruises.  This time however, we wanted a change of pace and decided to drive to Bayonne, NJ for a cruise to Bermuda that sailed out of Cape Liberty. The seven night cruise aboard the Celebrity Summit  was a great starting point for our month long “Island Adventure” road trip along the East Coast last June. Continue reading

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What’s Your Favorite Color

Until recently, I did not realized that I have a favorite color. When asked, I typically stutter out a very non-committed, “um green??”  It was not something I have ever paid attention to, or seriously thought about. I tend to wear black or denim and the occasional jewel tone, my home is decorated in various shades of beige and the car I drive is white. Pretty boring stuff. Continue reading

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