Mystery Doors

This week I posted a photo of a beautiful pair of doors on a local Photography FB page with the caption, “mystery doors.” I asked followers to guess where they are and where they lead. It was a fun game which prompted several fun responses. My favorite was, “to my dead end career.”

Finally, someone took me seriously and explained the history of the doors. Apparently a homeowner was under the impression that he owned the land that abutted the lake at the corner of his property, so he erected the doors to keep trespassers off his lawn. The city sued the homeowner, claiming the land was owned by them, and won the case. However, they left the doors standing. Hmmm…. I was not able to determine the year that this happened, but from the looks of the homes in the neighborhood, I am guessing 1950’s.

I was a bit disappointed with the history, given the elaborateness of the doors. They simply do not fit the scene. I had romanticized it to be the grand entrance of an 1800’s era home belonging to our town’s founding family, and when the house fell to disrepair, only the gate remained of the glory days….nope.



Doors to Nowhere

Personally, I am very happy that the homeowner did not opt for a basic “keep off the grass” sign.

If you want to see more Thursday Doors, check out this website. Thanks Norm for hosting.

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Captured Moments – Spontaneity

A few months ago we were wandering around Mounts Botanical Garden taking photographs and enjoying nature when we stumbled upon a thick patch of bamboo. While I pondered light, perspective, settings and composition,  Malcolm squeezed into the middle of the patch with his camera and this was the result.

endless possibilities

There are those who do things instinctively and those that plan and ponder. Which one are you?

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Captured Moments – Contentment

It is amazing to me that I can look a a photograph that I took months or even years ago and be instantly transported to that moment. That sense of freezing time and capturing a feeling is what draws me to photography – moments stitched together representing lives lived.


I see contentment and joy. What do you see?

Captured Moments will be published each Sunday.  



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Thursday Doors

As a newcomer to the world of Blogging, I continue to make new discoveries almost daily about this vast cyber territory. This week I discovered “Thursday Doors.” Being a huge fan of doors, windows, tunnels, steeples, churches, barns and graveyards, I had to participate by sharing a couple of photos. The only thing better than a weathered old door or one painted in a bright color is said door with a pretty girl standing in front of it.

Whenever we travel with our daughter, I gently encourage coerce her to pose at every opportunity. Sometimes she obliges and we get photos like these, which I took a few months ago in Paris. You can read about that trip here.


We were across the street when the color of these doors first caught my attention, then as we got closer, I realized the scale of them. This is the entrance to a courtyard, not a cathedral. There must be another way in, I cannot imagine having to pull that open every day!


This type of door is more common in Paris, but it was the way they were weathered at the bottom that intrigued me. Being from Florida, I know nothing of snow, but I am guessing that might be what caused this.

So many doors, so little time….


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Preparing For Hurricane Irma – The Down-Side of Living in Florida

While we love living in Florida, we admit that summer brings a lot of uncertainty along with the heat and humidity. That is the down-side of living in paradise for nine months of the year. While we have not had a serious hurricane since 2004, when both Frances and Jean hit our coast, we have had a few close calls. Last year we prepared for Matthew, which was to make a direct impact on our coast, but mercifully skirted up the Atlantic Ocean without making landfall in Florida. Nevertheless, we took every precaution to be ready. That is simply what we do when a threat arises. Preparations can take hours or even days, depending on the type and location of a home. Continue reading

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