An Elegant Dinner Party

Malcolm and I have several shared hobbies, and cooking and entertaining is at the top of the list of things we like to do together.  It is even more enjoyable now that we are retired and have time to immerse ourselves in the process. When we were younger, we could knock out a five or even six course dinner party in one day and still have energy to enjoy our guests. Those days have passed, but we still love to cook and entertain.  Our retirementally evolved approach to serving an elegant meal without being overwhelmed with details and exhaustion is pretty straight forward. Continue reading

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Discovering My Roots

Being a native Floridian is something I have always felt equal amounts of pride and trepidation about because the geography and history of the state (we were occupied by France, Spain and England), itself implies that my heritage should resemble vegetable soup – a little of this and a little of that with a dash of whatever. Continue reading

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This Is Us – preserving memories

As bloggers, we value good photographs, and most of us have more than a passing interest in providing quality shots to support our posts and entertain our readers. But, once they have been shared on the blog, Face Book and Instagram, what’s left to do? Continue reading

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Recap of 2018 and What’s Next

This month Picture Retirement will enter its third year of publication. We thank each of you who have been faithful readers and look forward to continuing our retirement journey with you through this website.

We hope that the content we share will encourage you to view this stage of life with the same optimism and positive energy in which we live it. We won’t offer advice, beyond how to pack a suitcase for a thirty-day vacation, or how to make a dirty martini, and we will never claim to be retirement experts. We have no ‘end game’ for our blog, and genuinely wish to share, in pictures and words what joy and contentment look like from our point of view. If you  take away a thing or two that can be applied to your life, or at the very least, something that makes you smile, then we are happy with our effort. Continue reading

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