Discovering Florida – Huguenot Memorial Park

For the past two years Malcolm and I have been on a quest to discover Florida, one beach at a time. The discovery we made this week was purely by accident as we were in route to visit Big Talbot Island State Park near Amelia Island. Our route took us down scenic Heckscher Drive, along the banks of the St. Johns River. We were at the top of a bridge when off to the right and across a large expanse of water, I spotted sand dunes. Could we be that close to the Atlantic Ocean? Much to my surprise, there seemed to be vehicles near the dunes. Once over the bridge, we made a quick U-turn and headed back to investigate. Yes, there is a road out there. We slowed and looked for an entrance. Continue reading

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When Is Good, good enough?

I was an average student, had a moderately successful, albeit short, career in Human Resources, and I contributed ‘jack of all trades’ skills to our family business. Eventually I became a stay at home mom and a sidelines support to my husband. I am very proud of my roll as wife and mother and grateful for having had the privilege of raising our daughter. Investing time in a life rather than a career was a choice that did not come without sacrifices, but one that ultimately was not a hard decision.  Sometimes I  think about how different life might have been if I continued on with my career or if I had not encouraged my husband to sell our business and take early retirement during our daughter’s last years of high school. Those were sliding door moments that could have made a world of difference in our lives. But then, I look at my wonderfully average life and know that I made the right choices. Continue reading

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Balancing Act – July in Review

Have you ever stopped to think about what truly makes you happy? Sue Loncaric over at Sizzling At Sixty posed that question on day three of her thirty day journal writing  challenge during the month of July.  I did not participate every day, but I was intrigued with this question. I feel generally happy and contented with life most of the time, but this month has been especially satisfying. Instead of answering the question with a list, I decided to examine my ‘month in review’ against what I believe makes me happy.  Continue reading

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Journal Writing Challenge

journal 1

A couple of weeks ago I left a comment on Sizzling At Sixty regarding my life-long journal writing habit. I think it took Sue by surprise, because, by her own admission, she has always thought of me as the “photography lady”. When she realized that I had actually written and conducted a course in journal writing many years ago, she contacted me with an invitation to write a guest post for her blog. I could not have been more honored to participate.

Whether you keep a journal or not, I do hope you will pop over to Sizzling At Sixty and check out what I wrote.  Sue has challenged her readers with a list of journal writing prompts for the month of July that will help you get started. The benefits of journal writing are endless and worth the effort it takes to make it a habit.

Sizzling At Sixty is focused on helping women thrive at any age and Sue lives what she preaches. I think you will find her content engaging and beneficial.

Write Your Life-1




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A Visit to the Dentist

I visit the dentist about three times per year and every time I go I have the same thought; ‘they really need to update their slideshow.’ Yes, it is an odd thing to think, when you are stuck in a chair with your mouth open for nearly an hour. But, with nothing to do but stare at an elevated TV screen I at least want the pictures scrolling by to transport me to a peaceful place. The pictures on the screen in my dentist’s office have not been updated in at least ten years and I am a bit tired of waterfalls. Continue reading

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