Simply Bermuda

Note: In 2017 we posted this article about our first visit to Bermuda. We have since returned three times and have just completed our fourth visit on board the Azamara Journey. We are currently in route to the Azores and eventually Portugal, where we will disembark and spend a few days exploring Lisbon and Porto. Since internet access is unpredictable and it will be a while before we can share our current experience, I thought you might enjoy this look at Bermuda to understand why we keep coming back. 


We live in South Florida, home to some of the worlds most beautiful beaches and several mega cruise ports so we have done a fair share of Caribbean cruises.  This time however, we wanted a change of pace and decided to drive to Bayonne, NJ for a cruise to Bermuda that sailed out of Cape Liberty. The seven night cruise aboard the Celebrity Summit  was a great starting point for our month long “Island Adventure” road trip along the East Coast last June. Continue reading

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What’s Your Favorite Color

Until recently, I did not realized that I have a favorite color. When asked, I typically stutter out a very non-committed, “um green??”  It was not something I have ever paid attention to, or seriously thought about. I tend to wear black or denim and the occasional jewel tone, my home is decorated in various shades of beige and the car I drive is white. Pretty boring stuff. Continue reading

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Springtime in Texas means Bluebonnet Season

We first visited Texas in March of last year with the expectation of seeing wild Bluebonnets growing in the hill country. In fact, it was the impetus for the trip. I lamented in this post, about not seeing a single one of those cherished blooms, but we had a wonderful time discovering Texas and vowed to return. We honored that vow  (with better timing) this year and the  bluebonnets greeted us in abundance. Continue reading

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Captured Moments – the Atlantic Ocean

It has been a windy week in South Florida, and while it wreaks havoc on many of my favorite outdoor activities, the conditions have been great for my number one past-time, photography.

On this day, we checked the tide charts and timed our visit to the beach perfectly.  A westerly wind direction, with gusts of 35mph, a two foot (above average) swell coupled with high tide created the perfect situation for some spectacular crashes against our Coquina lined shore. Continue reading

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An Elegant Dinner Party

Malcolm and I have several shared hobbies, and cooking and entertaining is at the top of the list of things we like to do together.  It is even more enjoyable now that we are retired and have time to immerse ourselves in the process. When we were younger, we could knock out a five or even six course dinner party in one day and still have energy to enjoy our guests. Those days have passed, but we still love to cook and entertain.  Our retirementally evolved approach to serving an elegant meal without being overwhelmed with details and exhaustion is pretty straight forward. Continue reading

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