Captured Moments – Necessary Deception

When my daughter turned sixteen, she and I began a tradition of celebrating her birthday together, just the two of us. We typically went  for an overnight stay at a nice hotel nearby, where we enjoyed a spa treatment and dinner out. It was our special mother/daughter “bonding” time and a treat that I always looked forward to.

The year she turned twenty-two, she came to me with a different request, “Mom, I want to go skydiving for my birthday this year.” My logical response of, “You want to do what?” fell on deaf ears as she laid out the plan. The plan, had to be loosely based on truth while not revealing all,  since she knew her father would not be pleased. Continue reading

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The Power of a List

I am a list maker. In fact, the practice boarders on an obsession. I have a list for books I want to read, movies I’d like to see, things I need to do, food I’d like to cook and places I want to visit to name a few. At this stage of life, my lists serve a variety of purposes. I have a Pinterest site with rows and rows of Boards that span several topics. Those boards, along with the Instagram accounts I follow, are the ultimate feel-good lists; no words – just inspiration. My other lists provide focus, accountability and motivation.

Why Listsbeach 7.20.17 (2)

Making a list reduces the clutter in your mind and gives order to things that matter. Whether it is a list of what you want to do or what you need to do, the act of writing a thing down implies commitment. Inevitably, that commitment will narrow your focus and lead to clarity, accomplishment, and growth. Lists can easily transform the way you think, act and feel.  Continue reading

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Captured Moments – Wind

I recently discovered a new photo challenge hosted by Teri Webster Schrandt at Second Wind Leisure Perspective.  Her challenge this week is – capture the wind. It fits in perfectly with the Captured Moments category that I have established as a weekly post on our blog, so I am very happy to be able to participate with few photographs this week. Continue reading

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Captured Moments – Weekend in Santa Ynez, California

If it were not for a wedding invitation, California and the Santa Ynez Valley might not have been on our radar this year.  We have visited San Francisco, simply because it is a city that you have to see at some point in your life, San Diego, because it is a cruise port, and Napa and Sonoma for obvious reasons. When we received the invitation, which included a full day of wine tasting, Santa Ynez, got our attention as a destination. It was a welcome change from the heat and humidity of our Florida summer.

The scenic drive from LAX along the scenic Pacific Coast Highway took just under four hours and is quite beautiful. San Marcos Pass, between Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez was a favorite part of the drive, with golden hills and views of Lake Cachuma along the way. The roadway graciously meanders through the mountain pass, and can be challenging at times, due to steep declines and dramatic curves, but as mountain passes go, this one was fairly tame and pleasurable to drive. Continue reading

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Captured Moments – Tulip Season in Holland

Amsterdam is the largest city in Holland, and the most popular with tourists. There are a lot of reasons to visit here, but we had just one- Tulips. The mother of all tulip gardens, Keukenhof, is about thirty minutes from Amsterdam in Lisse. It is said to be the largest garden in the world and is only open to the public for eight weeks per year from mid-March through mid-May. Continue reading

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