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The Transformative Power of a Book

I love how a book can entertain, inspire, challenge our thinking and transport us to another place and time with a little bit of magic and an artful arrangement of words. My favorite genres are historical fiction, mysteries and psychological … Continue reading

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Are You Feeling Funked?

At some point I would like to stop writing about adjusting to life in a world where a deadly virus is among us and get back to sharing my Picture Retirement story. This altered reality is becoming predictable and my … Continue reading

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Skipping Past May

Is it sadistic to want to see what I am missing by not erasing my calendar entries for the month of May? I can’t bring myself to delete anything, and every day Google reminds me of where I was supposed … Continue reading

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Sharing Smiles

I have been adjusting my morning exercise routine almost daily in an effort to keep boredom at bay. This morning I was jogging through the neighborhood when I saw a friend taking an Iphone photo of a beautiful Magnolia bloom. … Continue reading

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It’s Whine Time

I lost a friend this week. Not to the hereafter, but to the great abyss of broken relationships. It has happened before and I am no stranger to the signs of dissolution. Ignoring little things can sometimes add up to … Continue reading

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