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Filling Time Between Coffee and Wine

Like most people, Malcolm and I have come to terms with how life will be for the foreseeable future. Being retired enables an inherent flexibility that we are especially grateful for right now. Our wings may be clipped, but adapting … Continue reading

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When Retirement and Coronavirus Collide

For several months, a group of friends and I have been planning to host a Mahjong Tournament for our neighborhood players. A few days ago we decided to cancel the tournament because it felt irresponsible to continue. Obviously, this is … Continue reading

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My New Toy – A Cell Phone Tripod

We take a lot of photos when we travel, but very few of them include both of us in the same picture. Asking another tourist can be a bother and you ‘get what you get’ when you do that, so … Continue reading

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Two Retirees on Vacation

Like many retirees, we travel a lot, but we haven’t taken a vacation in years. When we travel, it is all about experiencing new cultures and cuisines, while learning about the history and geography of a place. We are busy, … Continue reading

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Bellingrath Gardens and Home

Spending two weeks in Walton County, Florida has been a quiet respite for us and we have enjoyed having this beautiful beach mostly to ourselves. We chose this destination and time of year, which is on the cusp of high … Continue reading

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