Celebrating the Colors of May

I don’t know this for a fact, but I believe that May is probably the most celebrated month of the year. It is certainly one of the most colorful. We begin the month by dancing around a Maypole, and we don’t stop celebrating May until Macaroon Day on the 31st. I won’t mention all of the thirty-one celebrations here, since many have already passed. But, I’ll wager you wished someone a hearty, ‘May the 4th be with You,’ or possibly you celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a taco and a margarita. If you bet on Mage on Kentucky Derby Day you’re in the money! There is still time to plan for National Wine Day on the 25th and Water a Flower Day on the 30th. Seriously, I did not make these up.

When I add three personal, but no less important celebrations to the calendar this month – my birthday, our Anniversary, and Mother’s Day, it all adds up to a whole lot of happy, happy, joy, joy!

Among the changing months, May stands confessed, The sweetest, and in fairest colors dressed! James Thomson

About May Babies…

Those of us who were born between May 1 and May 20th are Taureans and were born under the sign of the Bull. Stubborn is a common trait associated with us, but we are also loyal, optimistic, adaptable, and joyful. We are prone to wanderlust and find beauty in simple pleasures. We tend to be good friends, but once scorned… Taurus is an Earth sign, which means that we are generally nature lovers, down to earth, but appreciative of nice things. I guess that means I’d be happy in a tent or a penthouse? I’ll take the penthouse, please.

For the past twenty years, I have requested the same birthday present – to celebrate the day in a beautiful place. Malcolm never fails to deliver that gift. There were years when we traveled far from home, and others when we celebrated just around the corner. Three years ago I celebrated my 65th birthday while sitting (six feet apart) on the beach with a carry-out dinner, enjoying the company of friends. True to my Taurean traits, I found the purest joy in that situation.

This year we celebrated my 68th birthday on the Isle of Palms, a barrier island off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina. It was a glorious few days, with the fragrance of blooming Jasmine in the air, hidden pathways and gardens just waiting to be discovered, long walks on the beach, and constant reminders of just how lucky I am to have been born in May instead of August!

The birthstone for May babies is Emerald. It is one of four precious stones – diamond, sapphire, and ruby are the other three. It is nice to own one as a commemoration of my birth month, but I equally love the uniqueness of the color found in our Florida springs and in sea glass. The color green is associated with new birth, balance, and harmony. All good stuff, but my favorite color is blue. You can read about that here.

Lilly of the Valley is the official birth flower for the month of May. I don’t remember the flowers in my wedding bouquet, but I like to think that I had a few of these tucked in. Our thirty-fifth wedding anniversary is tomorrow. Much like this time last year, we are up to our eyeballs in moving boxes and will celebrate this milestone after we settle into the new place. I do hope this is not becoming an annual event – the move, not the anniversary. Just sayin’

I made the choice to be a Mom a long time ago. It was one of the best things that happened to me, aside from marrying Malcolm. My daughter wasn’t born in May, but I don’t mind being recognized along with all you other moms. It is a lovely month, filled with new life sprouting everywhere and reminders of Mother Nature, so why shouldn’t it be the month we celebrate motherhood. My true Mother’s Day celebration will come later this summer on my daughter’s birthday. That is the day she came into my life and changed my world. But, this is a post about May celebrations…..

While there are several colors associated with Mother’s Day, purple is the one that comes to my mind. Red is for power and passion, and white is for spirituality and purity. While both seem fitting, purple is the color that stands for compassion and wisdom and that is what best describes motherhood to me. Purple flowers are a symbol of love, devotion, and adoration. Many blessings to all of you wise and loving mothers.

June is fast approaching, so take these last couple of weeks to ‘celebrate May’ in all its glory. Life is good!

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40 thoughts on “Celebrating the Colors of May

  1. I just happened to be clearing our blog inbox when this landed, hence the quick response! Happy birthday, for starters. May is the lovely Michaela’s birth month too, but in the Gemini bit of May rather than Taurus. We both share your love of the month, not least because traditionally back in the UK it’s when colour really returns, the cold has gone and the summer is dawning. (Although our Mother’s Day is in March). It seems to be a lovely month wherever you are in the world. Enjoy your special month, Suzanne 😁


    1. Wow, you beat Leanne. No one ever beats Leanne! Well done. Two weeks to go and we will enter our dreaded hurricane season. Thankfully, we will be heading to France for a couple of weeks in late June/July. Fingers crossed that our luck will hold and it will be another ‘lovely month’ in that part of the world.

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  2. Hi Suzanne – I loved all the colour in your photos. Happy May birthday and anniversary. It’s Autumn here in Australia, but it’s still beautiful clear (cool) weather for most of May – the last gasp before winter sets in. Enjoy your packing and you anniversary – tomorrow and when you get to celebrate it later when you’re settled again. x


    1. Leanne, I suspect your Autumn feels much like our Spring, and while you are heading into the joys of winter, we will be heading into the extreme heat and humidity of summer. I’ll trade places any time. I wouldn’t classify packing as a ‘joy’, but it is getting done, slowly, box by box…I am definitely looking forward to the ‘unpacking’ part! P.S. You got bumped out of first place this morning. How’d that happen?


  3. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! You have made May YOUR month, haven’t you? I love May around here. The flowers, the colors, the saying good-bye to winter clothes, add up to a beautiful few weeks. I also love the holidays you find in this month. I’m all about celebrating just about anything fun. Looking forward, in fact, to celebrating National Wine Day. 🍷


  4. Happy belated birthday and anniversary too 🥂 I have no significant May dates to celebrate but nevertheless it’s a month I love, mainly because the weather is warming up and lots of flowers are appearing.


  5. Happy anniversary and Happy Mother’s Day, Suzanne. You picked the perfect day to post this blog. Happy to read and feel all the positivity in it.

    May used to be one of my favorite months as well, because of the many little breaks and holidays and the changing weather. But, as a teacher back in the day, it’s hard not to have July and/or August as favorite months, since that’s the summer holiday and when the weather in Belgium was at its best.

    Now, I don’t have a favorite month anymore. It depends in which country we are and what the weather is like. 🙂 I hope your move goes well!!


  6. Suzanne, I enjoyed your beautiful May colors! Happy birthday and happy anniversary! I’m married to a May baby! His birthday and Mother’s Day are always close together and sometimes on the same day. Happy Mother’s Day!


  7. Ally, when we set our wedding date, I made Malcolm promise there would be no combination gifts for birthdays and anniversaries. Of course, I had tangible things in mind at the time, not knowing that May would indeed become MY MONTH. National Wine Day is every day around our house, so nothing to celebrate there. But, I will be all over ‘Water a flower day!’


  8. Wow Suzanne, lots to celebrate. Happy…happy…happy…birthday, anniversary and mother’s day.
    I also celebrate mother’s day today ( since it is mother’s day in Brazil and my children have already messaged me today 😀)
    My mother was born in May, but sadly she is no longer with us.
    I love the photos of your wedding, a very handsome couple. Enjoy a whole month of celebrating.


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  10. Hi Terri, I thought you might appreciate those two photos. I took the first one on a trip to the Keys last year. I thought it was perfectly in keeping with the quirky vibe of Key West. The orchid belongs to my MIL. She has had that plant for fifteen or twenty years and it blooms every year. Happy Mother’s Day to you! I loved all your purples.


  11. What a lovely post Suzanne. Happy birthday, happy anniversary, and happy Mother’s Day. My son is a May baby and my husband is also a Taurus. And who doesn’t love emeralds? What a great birthstone. Great tale and collection of photographs!


  12. Happy birthday, Anniversary and Mother’s Day, Suzanne! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos with us. I love May as the weather is pleasant here and new flowers bloom everywhere I look. We have a long holiday weekend in May (Victoria Day on May 22) and it’s usually the start of cottage and BBQ season.


  13. Very nice post, Suzanne – Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary and Happy Mother’s Day. May offers so much to celebrate! For us, we also finally have nice weather so everyone out here has been in extra festive spirits!


    1. Hi Donna, it is wonderful how a bit of good weather can lift spirits and brighten moods. I know you guys had an especially cold, and snowy winter so it will be good to get back to good hiking weather. Thanks for your good wishes.


  14. Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, and I hope you have a lovely future happy Mother’s Day. I’m also hoping the move goes as smoothly as possible. You guys are getting to be experts at moving so when you find your forever home, it should be another smooth move. Enjoy the rest of May as you unpack and settle in.


  15. Suzanne,
    As an April Taurean, I would be happy in a tent or a penthouse, but I sort of combined the two and bought a trailer to satisfy my wanderlust. Your pictures are great, and you made a lovely bride. Twenty boxes!! That’s a lot! Hang in there–that’s what wine is made for. Joe


  16. HI Suzanne what a lovely post and belated happy birthday. My husband’s birthday is the 6th of May and my youngest grandson will turn 5 on the 29th – so two May birthdays in my life. I think I might borrow your birthday gift – we don’t need more possessions but spending time with loved ones and exploring a beautiful place is the perfect gift. x


  17. Celebrating in a beautiful place is my idea of a perfect birthday, too! (Actually, I’ll take an “experience” over a gift any day. Especially while we’re in the process of downsizing.) I hope your packing is going well. I can’t wait until we get to unpack our boxes, but we’re still at least a couple of months away from retrieving our treasures (I’m sure I’ll be thinking, “Why did I pack that??”).

    Love your wedding photos and your birthday photo…wishing you many more years of joyful adventures!


  18. Laurel, opening boxes after nearly a year in storage was a fun time. Although, we did have a few ‘What the heck’ moments. I’m sure you will have those too. At this stage of life, it really is all about experiences. If we had discovered that sooner, we probably wouldn’t have a lot of stuff to begin with.


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