Living In The Moment

Today is day seven of our ten-night Caribbean cruise with Regent, and there is actually, no place I’d rather be. We embarked at the port of Miami on March 13th and quickly settled into the comfort and luxury of this floating hotel. This is our maiden voyage with Regent and from what we have experienced to date, we will return.

The Seven Seas Navigator is a small ship with just over 400 passengers. Almost all of the staterooms are balcony suites, which means that they are slightly larger than the average balcony cabin that you will find on most cruise ships.

There are multiple dining venues, a small auditorium, gym, spa, retail shops, a library, casino, card room and pool. The staff is attentive and helpful and the atmosphere is casually elegant.

All smiles as we anticipate a beautiful week
Oh the places we will go…

Today we are in Antigua. We have two excursions planned to fill our day here. The first is a photographic tour of the island and the second is a catamaran sunset cruise around the harbor.

One special feature of the Regent cruise line is that it is all inclusive – drinks, internet, laundry service, and even our shore excursions are included in the rate. We have (indulgently) availed ourselves of all.

Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today

From a rum distillery tour in Puerto Rico to beach buggy riding in Puerto Plata and sailing in St. Barts we have experienced everything from history to adventure in these beautiful islands and there is still more to come.

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.” – Buddha

I don’t know about “wisely”, but “earnestly” certainly applies to our current circumstances. Today is exactly where we want to be. How would you complete the sentence – “I’d rather be…”

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42 thoughts on “Living In The Moment

  1. Hi Suzanne – when you said “cruise” – I thought “no thanks” – but I was thinking of one of those giant cruise ships. Your ship sounds like the perfect size and the destinations look interesting and also give you lots of shore time and variety – I can see why you’re having such a glorious time. It looks fabulous.

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  2. Mostly I say I’m not tempted by the idea of cruising but I have to say this does look rather good, especially the fact that you can do so many shore excursions. However 400 people doesn’t sound like a small ship to me and it looks huge in your photo! How do the excursions work when there are so many of you?


    1. Hi Sarah, we were docked next to a 4,000 passenger Celebrity ship the other day and we looked tiny in comparison. Any smaller and I think the motion would be too much for me. Our excursions have been very comfortable, with an average of just 10 – 14 passengers per group. The level of organization is pretty amazing.

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  3. There have been moments over the past several months that I’ve thought, “I can’t wait until we’re done with this downsizing process and living in our new tiny home!!” But then we would miss out on the joys of today, and there are plenty, even in the midst of the crazy amount of effort this is taking.

    However, I would very much like to be on that cruise right now, haha. It looks so relaxing and fun. We’ve never been on a cruise, but it’s something we’re seriously thinking about. I can’t wait to hear more about your experience!


    1. Laurel, I can’t imagine how you might go about choosing a ‘first cruise’ today. There are sooooo many to choose from and they all offer different experiences. I guess it all depends on what you want to get out of it. This cruise has been a good mix of adventure and relaxation.


  4. Looks so wonderful! We’re doing our first Regent cruise in August, although out ship will be bigger…750 passengers. Still, it’s smaller than the huge cruise ships, and I think we’ll enjoy it. As to where I’d rather be now, I’m thinking I’d rather be where you are!!!


    1. Hi Ann, I’m curious about where you will be cruising with Regent. This was our first time with the line and although we are on one of their older ships, it still feels elegant. The itinerary has been wonderful, and while we are repeating some ports, we are discovering others for the first time. I’m pretty sure I could live on a cruise ship.

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      1. We’re going to Alaska, something we’ve wanted to try for a long time! Just a short cruise, one week, starting in Anchorage and ending in Vancouver. We’re mostly doing the “inside passage” which is supposed to be more moderate in temps. Just out of curiosity, how did the evenings go? Do you have to be really dressed up, or are dress pants and a sweater okay?


      2. Hi Ann, that sounds like a great cruise and you have certainly chosen the right time of the year to see Alaska. Regent is ‘casual elegant’ in terms of dress, and although Malcolm brought a jacket, he has only worn it once. We are traveling with friends who wanted to ‘dress up’ for a couple of nights. Otherwise, it has been slacks and a sweater or a blouse for me every night.

        If I had only packed what I ‘needed’ for this cruise, it would have all fit into a carry-on bag.

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  5. Hi Suzanne, you look lovely. Mike and I have a cruise booked to New Guinea for June and a River cruise in Europe for later in the year. We enjoy unpacking once and a cruise offers so many options – you can be as busy or unbusy as you like. The itinerary looks good, we have never been to that part of the world so maybe it should be on our list. x


    1. Tracey, it has been fun, but I am getting a little weary and need a rest from too much vacation. Today I am going helmet diving and Malcolm is riding an ATV somewhere in the hills. Wish us luck! We will need a good nap later this afternoon.


  6. Suzanne, Thank you for your weekend coffee share. This looks and sounds like a fabulous cruise. Your photo gallery is beautiful. I’ve visited three of the places on your cruise itinerary and recently returned home from Charleston, to get ready for the next adventure so I’d rather be home atm 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your cruise!


  7. Hi, Suzanne,
    I love your pictures–you both look very relaxed, as you should be. The Rum Punch picture says it all, and all of the pictures are delightful. We took a cruise similar to yours (300 passengers) and came home so loose you could have poured us into a jar. The best (St. Maarten and St. Bart’s) awaits you, and I’m green with envy. Enjoy!


    1. Joe, my ‘real photos’ are still in the camera as I am waiting to get home and have time to process them. These cell phone pics certainly capture the ‘flavor’ of the trip. I went on a ‘photography tour’ of Antigua yesterday. You would have loved it. I’ll share those in a future post. Thanks for stopping by.


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  9. Your cruise looks amazing, Suzanne! Who wouldn’t rather be on a cruise? I found your post in my email but nothing was linked. You are really enjoying this cruise as evidenced by the rum punch card, LOL! What a great way to enjoy the spring equinox!


    1. Hi Terri, we finally have reliable internet service – (home). Yes, it was an enjoyable cruise and fun to share with friends. We overindulged in everything, but that’s what vacations are for! I’ll worry about the damage to my waistline for the next few weeks.

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    1. Ally, when we disembarked in Miami yesterday I saw a number of passengers carrying coats or jackets – obviously flying back to the cold after ten days of bliss. I may not get to go beach buggy riding or helmet diving every day, but I still live in a fantasy world. At least until summer arrives! Grateful for sunshine and seventy degrees.

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