Best of 2022 – Our Year In Pictures

Monthly Highlights

Today, the Lens Artists Photo Challenge is hosted by John at Journeys With Johnbo. While these are not necessarily my favorite photos stylistically, they do tell the story of my favorite experiences throughout the year and that makes them favorites. The interesting thing about this recap is that all of the photos fit into just two categories – travel and family – definitely favorites.


Highlight: Celebrating Malcolm’s birthday with a five-night stay at Montage Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina.

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Highlight: A four-night trip to Jekyll Island, GA to hunt for Island treasures and celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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Highlight: Two nights in Miami attending the Miami Open tennis tournament. The weather was great and the tennis was exciting.

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Highlight: Easter with the family at my MIL’s house.


Highlights: We moved out of my MIL’s house and into an apartment. We took a ten-night Caribbean cruise and we celebrated my birthday.

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I crossed off a bucket list item when I took a scuba diving lesson in the Caribbean.

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Spa treatment, champagne cocktails, dinner, and an overnight stay in a luxurious room – feeling spoiled.

June, July, August

Highlight: Achieving weight loss goals. The summer seemed like a blur as we settled into our new apartment, met new friends, and prepared for a wedding trip. Travel details, wardrobe planning, exercise, and healthy eating dominated these months.


Highlight: The wedding. This long-awaited event was not only the highlight of the month but also of the decade. Meticulous planning paid dividends and we enjoyed six perfect nights in Tuscany vacationing at the beautiful Borgo Santo Pietro and celebrating our daughter’s wedding.

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Highlight: A five-night stay at Chateau Elan in Brazelton, GA to enjoy a bit of fall foliage.

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Highlight: accommodating alternative traditions and giving thanks. Hosting Thanksgiving a week early enabled our kids to take a vacation to Paris (a much better use of their time, in my opinion). We staycationed at their place in Miami for three nights.

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Highlight: Decorating for Christmas and celebrating in our new apartment. December was a busy month, but we organized the chaos and kept it fun.

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Now that I have officially retired more as my WOTY, I don’t know what I’ll choose next, or even if I will choose a word of the year. Right now, I just want to slow my pace a bit, bask in the sunshine of the year we had, and look forward to the one ahead with anticipation and gratitude.

51 thoughts on “Best of 2022 – Our Year In Pictures

  1. Hi Suzanne – it was certainly a busy and full-on year for you! Loved how you broke your re-cap up into little snapshots of each month with the explanation to go with the highlights. And I totally understand why you’d be looking forward to a quieter year in 2023 – maybe we’ll both be gliding through the year ahead instead of limping – (me) or running at full speed (you). Happy New Year!


    1. Hi Leanne, the year was fun and manageable until December and then things got a little hectic. After a few days of downtime (and dry January) I am already feeling rested and ready to jump into the new year. Still haven’t decided on a WOTY, but I have given it some thought. Happy that you are once again gliding along, pain-free.


  2. Wow! You had a full year, not to mention the wedding highlight of the decade. I love the pictures of you two. Always looking cheerful. I especially love the black and white image of Malcolm on his Here’s to a wonderful 2023 and l hope it’s full of more travel. I know you’re chomping at the bit :-).


    1. Hi Kem, only 35 days of travel this past year, so yes, I am ‘chomping at the bit.’ We will go back to Europe this year and stay longer since there will not be a wedding to focus on. Before that, we will kick off the new year with our annual trip to Jekyll Island for Valentine’s Day and treasure hunting.

      I’m looking forward to seeing where the new year takes you and Fed. Happy travels. Wishing you all the best in 2023.


  3. Dawn

    This is wonderful to see the year in review like this! So hard to pick the pictures, I imagine, though for some months it was probably obvious. You had a glorious year! It’s a lot of work to dig this all out, so cool!


  4. Hello Suzanne and thank you for starting my Monday morning with joy. 2022 was a wonderful year for you. You enjoyed so many different experiences and really lived your life well. Photos tell such a wonderful story don’t they? Happy New Year to you and your husband and I look forward to reading more of your experiences during 2023. xx


  5. Great recap of your 2022, Suzanne. Family and travel – they would be my two priorities as well. And good health. I love how you celebrate special events by going on a trip. The wedding was a super highlight, of course. And, moving into your own place again. I’m curious about what 2023 will bring for you both.


  6. Suzanne, What a wonderful 2022 you’ve had. Thank you for sharing your highlights and beautiful photos with us. I’ve been enjoying following along. Wishing you and Malcolm a healthy, joyful and fulfilling 2023!


  7. Happy New Year, Suzanne! You make a great point how sometimes the best photos are the ones that tell a story. Your photos are infused with your beautiful essence, Suzanne. 💕The love for your family always leaps from the pages. You and Malcolm look amazing, healthy and happy. I appreciate your closing paragraph and looking forward with “anticipation and gratitude.” Thank you for sharing an inspirational post.❤️


  8. Hi Erica, so nice to hear from you. I hope all is well in your corner of the world. The new year is starting out slow for us, which is a good thing. We needed to catch our breath. I miss your presence in the blogosphere and hope that you will consider jumping back in one day soon. In the meanwhile, I’ll keep up with you on Instagram. Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Thank you for somehow finding my blog and leaving me a comment so that I could discover yours. Enjoyed your 2022 recap and photos. I find the thought of moving most distasteful but sounds like you have gotten situated and are enjoying your new home. I was a military wife for years and moved far too many times for my liking.


  10. Hi, I can’t recall exactly how I discovered your blog but I’m glad that I did. I am generally attracted to lifestyle bloggers who radiate positivity and you seem to have that quality. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Thanks for dropping by and for leaving a comment.


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