Thanks and Giving

November is the month of giving thanks in the US, and Thanksgiving day culminates the ultimate indulgence of family, friends, football, and food. We abandoned the traditional celebratory rules years ago for a variety of reasons. We don’t particularly like turkey, are not into football, celebrate the most mundane events with food nearly every day anyway, and most definitely consider family first all of the time.

So, when our kids asked if the holiday was on the ‘sacred’ list we wholeheartedly said no. It was more important to us that they use a couple of free days off work to do precisely what they love, which is to travel. While they were in Paris, we were at their place in Miami, enjoying a few days of staycation.

For Cellpic Sunday and Sunday Stills – Vivid

Prior to the Thanksgiving staycation, November was filled with family visits, outings with friends, baking, crafting, party planning, and getting a head start on decorating for Christmas. It was certainly a month of love, abundance, and giving as we felt more settled into ourselves than we have since we sold our home over a year ago.

I felt the guidance of my WOTY this past month and fully realized why it chose me. Being grateful for what we have, not worrying about the future, or stressing over little things create an abundant life – a life filled with more….

Where there is gratitude, there is abundance.

Happy November

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34 thoughts on “Thanks and Giving

  1. The blue sky in Miami looks amazing, Suzanne. All of your photos are fun and interesting. Great composition with your favourite church getting ready for Christmas. I love your phrase ‘where there is gratitude, there is abundance.’ 💕I especially like the photo of a beautiful couple at the end. 💗


    1. Erica, that church was built in 1949 and looks so out of place among the highrises. I love that it is still there, refusing to give in to developers. Unfortunately, it is one of only a few pieces of Miami’s history from that era still standing on Brickell Ave.


  2. Suzanne,
    So glad to hear that you guys enjoyed a November that sounded awesome and that y’all are beginning to feel settled in. A casual Thanksgiving in Miami sounds delightful, and your pictures show it to be so. Have a blessed Holiday season! Joe


    1. How lovely to have a staycation in Miami, it looks very tropical and sunny. Sounds like November has been a great month and I hope it will carry on being lovely and festive throughout December also. Loved that last photo of you and Malcolm.


  3. Suzanne, What a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate Thanksgiving! I love your closing quote and the photo of you and Malcolm. Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season.


  4. That looks like our idea of an ideal Thanksgiving! And thank you for what you wrote in your last paragraph: “Being grateful for what we have, not worrying about the future, or stressing over little things create an abundant life…” I needed to hear that right now.


  5. Hi Suzanne – what a great way to enjoy Thanksgiving. I like that your family checked in as to what was a sacred family time and what could be let go. Finding that balance where everyone feels that their needs are met is perfect (and you got to have a lovely staycation in the process!) We don’t have Thanksgiving here in Australia – every year I wish we’d adopted it instead of Halloween (that I hate with a passion). I enjoy seeing all the gratitude posts pop up that are inspired by this time of the year – so I guess I get to experience a little Thanksgiving by default!


    1. Hi Leanne, we are just a small family of five adults, so it makes sense to gather a consensus for how holidays should be celebrated, especially this one, which seems to last all month long anyway. Traditions are important, but so is flexibility. I too enjoy all the gratitude reminders that pop up on blog posts this time of year. It helps to offset the trap of commercialization and stress. Glad you are healing well and returning to your normal life. Just in time for Christmas!


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  7. Suzanne, I’m just seeing this (no link?), as I read my emails! I added your post to my round-up. I chuckled at the 4 Fs–yes, they are true, but we didn’t watch football, so I’ll add “full” to the 4. The image of the towering condo surrounded by palms is glorious and vivid (as we are awaiting 16 inches of snow to fall in the next 12 hours). Love the pic of you and hubs! Glad your holiday was what you expected!


    1. Hi Terri, the link is at the bottom of the post. Just checked and it is working. Maybe it went on hiatus for a while. Anyway, Thanksgiving was fun for all – separate, but together, as it were. I do not envy your snowfall, but I’m sure it will be beautiful. Snap lots of shots! Happy Thanksgiving.


  8. Happy November and Happy December to you, Suzanne. Thanksgiving was a non-event for us, because of where we are (physically and mentally). Usually, it’s Mark’s favorite US holiday, but no turkey or family here. We did, however, get Colombian take-out pizza for dinner.

    It’s nice that you and your family members can just do what they want over Thanksgiving, without obligations or the typical traditions. 🙂


  9. Christie Hawkes

    I love that your family asks the sometimes awkward questions, like how important is the traditional holiday celebration? How perfect that they got to travel and you got a staycation? I love that!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. It sounds like everyone had a great November and I hope your December has been just as nice. We spend Thanksgiving at our sons home in Ft. Lauderdale. He has a Thanksgiving open house where friends and family gather, 20 or 30 people usually come and go. This is the first year that I didn’t contribute to the food. No stress for me instead we brought a half case of wine. 😊The day after Thanksgiving we always them them for lunch at Joe’s Stone Crabs in Miami.


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