Getting To Know You

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’ve made up a game called Yes, this is True to help you get to know me a little better. I’d like to know more about you too, so please leave a few truths about yourself in the comments.

My Idea of a good Valentine’s Day Celebration

Truths About Me

  1. I was born in Florida and have never lived anywhere else
  2. My husband is my best friend (I know we all say that, but it is true)
  3. I eat red meat at least two times per week
  4. If I was inclined to have a pet, it would likely be a cat (that doesn’t shed)
  5. I am/was an ordained Deacon in the Presbyterian church
  6. I created a publishing center for children in a public elementary school
  7. I served as PTA President for two years at my daughter’s Elementary School
  8. I am a self-proclaimed domestic goddess and love home decorating, entertaining, re-decorating…crafting, sewing, floral design, and tablescapes
  9. I value authenticity and individualism in my friendships and on-line connections
  10. I was a swim coach for tykes and toddlers
  11. I think of myself as being creative
  12. I value education and life-long-learning
  13. I have a ‘Potty Mouth’
  14. I was an original founder of my community Women’s Club (now in its 17th year)
  15. I wrote a journal writing workshop in 1996 and conducted sessions several weeks per year for 2 years
  16. I jumped out of an airplane, once and would definitely do it again
  17. I love zip-lines, aerial obstacle courses, paddle boards, kayaks and outdoor adventures in general
  18. I once won an upgrade to a Celebrity Suite on a cruise ship while playing Bingo
  19. I was a member of the Miami Ski Club for several years
  20. I know how to use a variety of power tools
  21. I kept a daily journal for nearly 30 years – they are all boring as hell
  22. I am most comfortable in jeans, a tee-shirt and flip flops
  23. I prefer natural nails
  24. I hate small talk
  25. I will call ‘bulls**t when I hear it (even if I know there will be consequences)
  26. I once owned a horse named Rocky
  27. I don’t have any tattoos and only my ears are pierced
  28. I don’t like dark chocolate
  29. If I were a fruit, I’d be a Pineapple – prickly on the outside but sweet on the inside
  30. I can’t tolerate people who smoke cigarettes, but I will take a puff or two of a very nice cigar
  31. My favorite sweet treat is vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce
  32. Everyone knows my favorite color is blue
  33. I am an eternal optimist

Happy Valentine’s Day

Your Turn

Please share (in the comments) at least 5 things about yourself that I can’t get from reading your blog. Or better yet, write your own list of ‘truths’ and link back to this post so we can all get to know each other better.

Linked to Natalie’s Weekend Coffee Share. You can find her over at Natalie the Explorer, where she is busy building a life, and a wonderful blogging community.

53 Comments on “Getting To Know You

  1. You immediately got my attention, Suzanne, with your introduction. I may have guessed “a swim coach” yet, not a “potty mouth.” There goes my impression of Perfect Suzanne lol – jk – You and I have #33 in common, kindred spirits. I think I have that written in my “About me.” I will think about 5 Things – not enough coffee in my veins, yet, and I will get back to you. Thank you for being one of the reasons I love this community. Happy Valentine’s Day.❤️


      • Hi Suzanne, Back as promised. You and I are same/similar: #2, #8 (not at all me, yet, I am in awe of you and some of the photos I have seen) #9, #12, #22 (tights, t-shirt, no bra) #23 #28 And as I had mentioned a resounding yes to #33- Big Yes to the other numbers in this list.

        Possibly new information: German was my first language (speaking, reading, writing); I played and taught the piano; I wake up 3:30am (or earlier) every morning; I have run 1/2 marathons, marathons and one ultra marathon; I practised full time as a Dental Hygienist for over 25 years; Leanne and I are (sort of) kindred spirits living on the other side of the planet from each other

        Have a great week, Suzanne. Fun!!


      • Hi Erica, I thought you were likely Swedish, not German. I always wanted to learn to play the piano and am still envious of those who can – definitely a regret. What’s with the 3:30 wake-up? Malcolm doesn’t sleep well and is usually awake by 4:30. He says he’d rather sleep, but doesn’t mind the quiet time alone. I’m with you on the ‘no bra’ thing. I have never run a marathon and I really don’t like to run. I will walk/jog sometimes, just to change up the exercise routine. Dental Hygienist explains your beautiful smile. Thanks for coming back and sharing bits about you.

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  2. Such a fun post! After reading this I know that if we were to meet somewhere we would be instant friends! Ok – here goes:

    1. My husband is my best friend for over 50 years.
    2. I grew up in an Air Force Family and lived in eight different places and attended 10 different schools before graduating from Munich American High School in Munich, Germany.
    3. I love where I live and have lived in the same house for almost 38 years.
    4. I served as president of the PTA at my children’s elementary school and years later as president of our local Garden Club.
    5. My favorite exercise is water aerobics – I’ve been going to classes for over 20 years.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!


    • Beth, with the exception of growing up military, I see lots of similarities. We take on leadership roles, love being active outdoors, and have great husbands! I hope your childhood as a military brat was a good experience. I know it can go both ways – you either love it or hate it. Do you think it shaped you one way or another?

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      • Suzanne, growing up as a military brat definitely shaped me in many ways. I was the new kid in school a lot and I was very shy back then. Now, I’ll talk to anyone! I’m also very independent because there were many times right after we moved that I didn’t have a friend yet. I also got my love of travel from my Dad. We never lived close enough to grandparents to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas with them so when we have a year like last year when we can’t get the family all together it makes me sad but I’m ok with it. Summer was when we visited grandparents and cousins.


      • Beth, I can see how the lifestyle will teach independence. And, I assumed it was the source of your love of travel. Thanks for the follow-up. I’m pretty sure we would never run out of things to talk about. Have a beautiful day.


  3. I love this list! What a great way to get to know you.
    1. I love winter.
    2. Currently I am teaching kindergarten
    3. I have been a Pampered Chef Consultant, a lifeguard and a front desk clerk at several hotels
    4. I hate small talk
    5. I used to love traveling but now love being at home


    • Hi Tammy, welcome to Picture Retirement! Based on your limited list, you seem like a ‘solid egg’ and someone I would enjoy having a conversation with IRL. I know what you mean about traveling. I still love it, but honestly, being at home isn’t so bad either. P.S. I love ‘visiting’ winter places, but do not like winter!!! Thanks for sharing.


  4. In reading your list, you appear to be a ‘sister’ from another mother! in my dreams, you are the doer to my Gemini Dreamer.


  5. Haha – I see a few similarities here like ‘potty mouth’, although I’ve cleaned mine up since traveling and no longer working in the construction industry. Not the best way to make a great first impression nor very ladylike by dropping the f-bomb in every other sentence 😆. Favorite color is red. I’m a morning person and love watching the sunrise while drinking a strong cup of coffee. I tend to be more of an introvert but travel has forced me to be a bit more extroverted.
    Fun post! Hope you enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day.

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    • Hi Ingrid, I do try to mind my manners for the most part, but some folks (or a few drinks) just bring it out in me! Red is my least favorite color, I am not a morning person, but I do love a beautiful sunrise from time to time. Coffee is my #1 vice. I am more of an introvert than not and crave time alone. Thanks for sharing a few things about you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  6. Suzanne,
    Great post! Here goes:
    1. I grew up in the same town I call home today–Knoxville, TN
    2. I am an ordained elder in the Presbyterian Church.
    3. I retired as a Lieutenant Colonel after 24 years of Army/Army Reserve
    4. I hate telephone chit-chat
    5. Degree in Journalism from the U of Tennessee
    6. Love anything outdoors–hiking, biking, rafting, fly fishing.
    7. Love Casinos

    I went over my five. This was fun! Have a great week.


    • Hi Joe, thanks for taking the time to play my game. I am sure you and Helen have a big day planned. Your degree shows in your writing. Outdoorsman, absolutely knew that. Love Casinos – yep, me too! I served as an Elder for two years (that’s a story for another day). Haven’t tried fly fishing, but Malcolm seems to think it might be fun. Take care.

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  7. Love it – and think I’ll do my own version for my Thursday post. Okay, my truths: I too am a potty mouth (at times), I hate the smell of cigarette smoke but am partial to cigar smoke & will on occasion have a sneaky puff. I’m not a shopper and detest malls but can just about manage a high street, I’ve never jumped out of a plane (& have no intention to do so), I have 1 tattoo.


    • Jo, you have to show the tattoo in your Thursday post. I am becoming a big fan of on-line shopping, but I still like to walk the mall from time to time, just to see what’s new. I have a love/hate relationship with fashion. Thanks for playing the game. Your Thursday post is gonna be fun! Happy Valentine’s Day.

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      • I’ve got one ready to go for this week – a day in the life of – but am writing it for next Thursday. And yes, you might get a sneaky peek at the tattoo…


  8. Hi Suzanne – I loved your list – some I would have guessed and some I never would (jumping out of a plane!!) I’m not sure I have 5 things that you wouldn’t know if you’d read every one of my nearly 1,000 blog posts – but here’s the ones off the top of my head…
    1. I married my polar opposite 38 years ago (in 11 days time) and we’re still rocking this marriage gig!
    2. I changed from a dog person to a cat person (and love Scottish Folds).
    3. I LOVE being a Nana – it’s so much better than I ever imagined.
    4. I have a great fondness for potato in every form – but chips especially!
    5. I know more about teeth than most people I know (from years of being a dental hygienist).


    • Leanne, your #1 still has my head spinning! Eleven days, Wow, Yes to potatoes in any form, can’t picture you with a dog, no doubt you love being a Nana, and I’m sure you are great at it. I do remember reading (somewhere in your 1,000 blog posts) that you were a dental hygienist in a former life. Thanks for playing along. I’m enjoying getting to know these little tidbits about everyone.


  9. Vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce! Mmmmm! I haven’t had ice cream in months. I nodded so many times when reading your list, Suzanne. I love your adventurous spirit. We have a lot in common and that dawned on me when I found five items in a row that are true for me as well:

    I know how to use a variety of power tools (a small variety)
    I kept a daily journal for nearly 30 years – they are all boring as hell (except for the last part here :-))
    I am most comfortable in jeans, a tee-shirt and flip flops (shorts would be even better when it’s hot)
    I prefer natural nails (I never paint my nails)
    I hate small talk (waste of time!)
    I will call ‘bulls**t when I hear it (even if I know there will be consequences). YES!

    I don’t have a freezer, an oven, or can sit upright in my bed! (That’s camper life for ya.)
    I eat meat about once a week, rarely anything other than chicken.
    I enjoy spicy food and international cuisines.
    I hold my pee too long. Gotta go now!


  10. Liesbet, something tells me your journals are far, far from boring as hell. Your book certainly wasn’t! Chicken makes up about 80% of my diet too. Be careful with that pee thing – there are consequences. Thanks for sharing. This has been fun.

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  11. Suzanne, This is fabulous. Going down your list, I see ten similarities: #9, 11, 12, 17, 21 (except the boring part), 22, 23, 24, 27 and 33.

    Fun facts about me:
    1) I remember my family and close friends’ birthdays and more. When I say family, I mean parents, siblings, their spouses, all my nieces and nephews. It’s a lot of birthdays.
    2) I have a green thumb. When I was a kid, I grew my own small garden of lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, etc. and raised my own chicken and ducks. I rescue plants.
    3) I’m an introvert who was popular in school, from elementary days and up, for my rebellious and non-conformist nature. I still have friends from elementary school.
    4) I have a valid driver’s licence, and by choice have never owned a car. I’ve done road trips with rental cars. I haven’t got lost once even without GPS, and I’m good at parallel parking.
    5) I don’ watch TV and by choice don’t have a TV. Nothing against watching TV. I just didn’t buy a new TV when my old one stopped working. The last TV show that I watched was Alias!

    The night before I saw your post, I was musing about doing a poll and asking the Weekend Coffee Share blogging community if they want to participate in a Get To Know Blogger feature to let readers know 5 things about them. I got this idea after I read a YA novel “The Rest of The Story” by Sarah Dessen, and the two main characters did this info exchange when they first met. When I saw your post, I thought what a coincidence. It’s like you read my mind. Thank you for sharing truths about you and linking with #WeekendCoffeeShare.


    • Hi Natalie, I love your 5 things and can picture you as a non-conformist. I’m pretty sure you still are. You would have been best friends with my best friend in High School. I am terrible at sending birthday cards, or even remembering birthdays, for that matter – with a few exceptions. Plants have a way of dying when I go near them. Sometimes I’d like to pitch the TV. We lived without it for two years, so I know we can. Besides, who needs TV when you have the internet and blogger friends. My car lease expired just before Covid began and I have been sharing Malcolm’s car. Not sure if I will replace it when we are able to move about again. I think it was just one of those things I thought I needed.

      Sorry, if I preempted your idea, but I still think it would go over very well with your readers. I’ve certainly enjoyed the participation so far.


  12. Hi Suzanne, when I first this psot yes terday, Iw asn’t sure I could come up with 5 things you couldn’t find in my blog. Then my computer acted up so I left it and went into the kitchen to do some work and the ideas started coming. So here are my 5, and hoping one of them doesn’t get in in trouble with my readers. See if you can guess which one> Missed #Weekend Coffee Share Michele
    1. I love to sing
    2. I am (the Queen of) Shy.
    3. I cannot swim.
    4. I shoot black powder rifles.
    5. I am allergic to cats, very.

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    • Michelle, obviously, it’s #3. Oh, the shame. 🙂 I love your list. and could make a few confessions of my own that would get me in trouble with my readers, but I’ll save that for another day. I am allergic to pets, of any kind, and almost everything that floats in the air. The pollen in our area is already making itself known, so I will be popping Zyrtek for the next few months. Thanks for playing along.

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      • I have lots of excuses a nd while they might make a good blog post, I will hold that one back. One of them is neurotic, but life though the eyes of a 10 year old in the time of the cold war, and a few other excuses as well, but we have to hold something back, right? It was fun and I enjoyed reading responses. Have a good week. Michele

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  13. Great idea for a post! Here are some truths about me in return:
    1. I have to have my coffee fix, and it must be black and strong
    2. I’ve lived in London all my life, apart from three years at university, and love it
    3. I’m never happier than when travelling, or failing that, planning travels
    4. I have a network of friends all over the world thanks to my 12 year membership of the now sadly closed Virtual Tourist website
    5. But my husband of almost 40 years is my best friend
    6. I support Newcastle United football (soccer) team – for my sins!
    7. I love strong cheese, dark chocolate, salted caramel, ginger, anything with lemons – but I hate peas
    8. I talk too much
    9. My favourite animals are cats (domestic and big cats), elephants and monkeys
    10. I can’t see a penguin without smiling
    11. I don’t like to be in very hot sun, but I also hate the cold

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    • Sarah, I agree about the travel and planning thing. Never happier. I don’t follow sports,(except sometimes tennis) but I understand those of you who do. We were in London one year when there was some big game going on. Apparently, a local team won,(maybe it was your team) because NO ONE went to bed that night. Black, but not strong coffee, no to dark chocolate, yes to ginger, and lemons, and any kind of cheese is a big yes. I am ambivalent about peas. I’ve never seen an elephant or a monkey, or a penguin. Man, I need to get out more often. Moderate temps work best for me too. My daughter has been trying to figure out how she can move to London and still make a living. I have no doubt that one day she will make that dream come true. Thanks for responding with your truths. This has been fun.

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      • Great to get your response and see what we have in common and what not 🙂 No, it wouldn’t have been my team – although I was born in and live in London, Newcastle is 300 miles to the north. I caught the football bug from my husband who comes from there.

        And yes, you really must try to meet an elephant / monkey / penguin some day, preferably in the wild 😀

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  14. Love your list! I’m not sure how many I can come up with since I’m very open abut things in my blog… but I will try (and spin off your list a bit):
    1. I journal every morning now, but only started about 5 years ago. And I’m thrilled someone else admits their journal entries are boring, too!
    2. I am an introvert, and most folks are surprised about that as I have learned how to small talk, how to be OK in a group setting, and even to make good presentations.
    3. I am a recovering pessimist.
    4. I love having my toenails painted a fun color, but not my finger nails.
    5. I don’t have any tattoos and only one piercing in each ear. And I am a sucker for buying hand-made unique earrings.

    I love your definition of domestic goddess. I think at times that is who (what?) I want to be, but I fail at it miserably! I will keep trying – decorating, entertaining, crafting, gardening, and cooking…. those are the things I will engage in and maybe someday achieve domestic goddess status.


    • Pat, I have had a lot of time to practice the ‘Domestic Goddess’ thing, having been a stay-at-home mom for several years and now 15 years into retirement. Honestly, after a year of being stuck in the house, I am about ready to give that role up. I am glad you are a recovering pessimist. That doesn’t seem to suit you at all. Now that you have shown us what you really look like without the hat,(your guest post) I can see that fun earrings suit you perfectly. I like that you are open and revealing on your blog. It makes you seem all the more relatable. Erica actually referred to me as ‘perfect Suzanne’ in one of the comments above, she was joking of course, but I have to admit, I paused for a second to consider if that is how I might come across to some people through my writing. I sincerely hope not. Maybe this exercise is more useful than I originally thought it would be. Thank you for sharing your list of truths.

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  15. Hi, Suzanne – I love this list! It did help me to get to know you better. I especially appreciated your honesty, your authenticity and your individualism. In that spirit, I offer you eight areas where we are very much alike and seven areas where we could not be more dissimilar!

    1) My husband is absolutely my best friend (no doubt about it).
    2) I also value authenticity and individualism, education and life-long-learning.
    3) I am most comfortable in jeans (or yoga pants) a (longsleeved) tee-shirt and flip flops.
    4) Natural nails are my style.
    5) I don’t have any tattoos (nor do I ever plan to have any).
    6) I don’t like dark chocolate — even though I have repeatedly tried to acquire a taste for it.
    7) Vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce — now you’re talking!
    8) Although I can sometimes lose the plot, I consider myself an eternal optimist.

    1. I rarely eat red meat and almost never have it in our home.
    2. I am a long way from being a domestic goddess…but I can cook.
    3. You are never going to find me on a zip-line, aerial obstacle courses, paddleboard, etc.
    4. Ditto for me jumping out of a plane – ain’t gonna happen!
    5. Power tools and I don’t get along.
    6. I kept a diary when I was about 12…and haven’t journaled since.
    7. Pink is absolutely my favourite colour. I (currently) own very little clothing that is blue.

    Still, I hope that we can continue to be friends! 😀

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  16. I’m not at all surprised that we have many things in common, including our taste in ice cream and caramel and distaste for dark chocolate 🙂 If you could look in my closet, you’d see lots of blue also.

    Here are a few fun facts about me:
    1) My husband – also my best friend – and I “dated” 13 years before finally getting married.
    2) I was the hula hoop champion on our Alaska cruise (I didn’t get a cabin upgrade, but I did get a bottle of wine).
    3) My nails have been natural since last March’s shutdown, and I’ve discovered that I like them that way.
    4) Although I love to travel, I live in the same city I was born in.
    5) One of my super powers is parallel parking.
    6) I have a tattoo, but it is just a dot that was acquired because of radiation treatment I received in my late twenties.
    7) My mom wanted to name me Leslie and my dad preferred Janis. Since I was born in January, Dad won.

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    • Hi Janis, love your #5. That’s a handy skill. I think it’s great that you live in the city where you grew up. Do you still have family there? I think a lot of women are realizing that natural nails aren’t so bad after all. So many little Covid lessons…Now that would be a great blog topic! Thanks for joining in.


  17. 5 things??? Oh, Suzanne. Ok, here goes:
    1. I have a potty mouth too (but only in my head – not out loud)
    2. My favorite food is fresh strawberries
    3. My favorite number is 111
    4. I started our high school’s science fair, which is now in its 23rd year.
    5. When I retired, I let my hair grow out to its natural color.

    Thanks for the opportunity! We are all so interesting!!! I loved reading the comments in response to your request.


  18. Love your 5 things Laurie. Wish I had the courage to let my hair go. I’m sure it must be liberating. Good for you re the Science Fair. I don’t know if the Publishing Center is still going, but I like to think it is. Does 111 have any particular significance? I’m glad your potty mouth is only in your head – that’s a good place to keep it. So, what I just learned about you is that you are smart, confident, self-controlled and a healthy eater. Thanks for playing and have a great week.


  19. Living in South Central Texas and slowly pulling up out of this winter storm. Excited to have heat and internet this morning, so here goes:

    1) I was born in Japan and lived there twice.
    2) I was a teamster, a lifeguard and a pipe fitter apprentice before finishing college.
    3) I got my Bachelors at U.C. Berkeley, then promptly moved to the South for some serious culture shock (but I love it here.)
    4) My last position before retirement was managing electric reliability compliance, including working on weather related event analysis (so I am missing THAT kind of fun!)
    5) I married a Canadian and even he thinks its cold here this week.
    6) We don’t have our water restored yet, so I can’t do the dishes (darn!) but I’m looking forward to giving myself a manicure – clear polish!

    Thanks for the fun post!


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    • Tracey, I saw a 100 car pile-up on the news a few days ago and had to do a double-take – Texas? Glad to hear you have heat and internet. What more could a gal need? Well, maybe a glass of wine. Born in Japan is a surprise – military family? The South can provide a bit of ‘culture shock’ for even the most worldly folk. But, once you get used to us, you realize you’ll have a friend forever. Your work sounds pretty serious – Engineering degree? I finally grew the polish off my toes (TMI) and I think I’ll let them breathe for a while. My fingernails have been au natural for almost two years. I like the look, but clear is good too. Thanks for stopping by and sharing some fun facts about you. Stay warm.


  20. Suzanne, this is such a fun post. I have a few things in common with you and sounds like you are quite the dare devil…jumping out of a plane? OMG
    I have enjoyed reading all the other comments also.
    Here some things about me:
    1) I survived a very serious car crash. There were 3 other cars involved and we all survived. I was rescued by the ambulance crew from the hospital I worked for and my boss was the first face to greet me at the A&E. I was not looking my best.
    2) I am an extrovert who loves listening a lot more than I love talking.
    3) I love pastel colours.
    4) I was once attacked by a Titan Triggerfish whilst scuba diving in the red sea. He was very upset that I dared approach his nest.
    5) In primary school my arts teacher told me that my drawings were rubbish, therefore I have never seen my self as a creative person. My blog is my feeble attempt at creating something.


    • Gilda, surviving two traumatic experiences in your life must influence your lifestyle choices. I know it would mine. I pictured you as an introvert, like me. Your blog is pure delight, and I’m glad you set aside a ‘limiting’ belief to pursue something truly creative. People can be so careless with words. I think I became an ‘encourager’ because I rarely received any during my childhood. I truly appreciate everything you shared. Maybe one day we will get to have an IRL conversation. Take care.

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  21. How I adore reading these “behind the scenes” posts… but when asked to contribute my own tidbits of info, I freeze. I am going to save the post for future reference, however, as I would like to reflect on these questions over time. For now, I will say… one thing that is not evident on my blog (yet) is that my husband and I plan to retire to Florida in 2021! Where in Florida are you? Do you have any tips to share?


    • Hi Molly, I just found your comment in my spam file. Sorry for being late to respond. Congratulations on your retirement! You will love Florida. We live in Southwest Florida near Stuart. It is on the east coast, about 45 minutes from Palm Beach. Will you be settling on the East or West coast? or have you made that decision yet? I will be happy to answer any questions you have, just email me through the Contact Me form on the header. I have lived in Florida my entire life and love it here.


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  23. It completely goes “against the grain” for me to join in on this, as you will see from my #1 below, but here goes:
    #1 I am an ultra introvert, an INTJ, if that means anything to anyone!
    #2 I have written four books, one unpublished but printed, a full personal life story I gave to my daughter last Christmas 2020
    #3 I have been to Everest Base camp 8 times
    #4 In 1998/99 I raised $300,000 for a cancer research charity in the U.K.
    #5 Just for American readers ….. In 1990 I took my son for a birthday treat to New Orleans for SuperBowl XXIV ……. he was a total Joe Montana fan ….. a bit strange for an English boy!
    I’ll shut up!


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capturing memories one moment at a time

Retired Introvert

Navigating retirement as an introvert

Trent's World (the Blog)

Random Ramblings and Reviews from Trent P. McDonald

A Day In The Life

People, Places, Nature, LIFE!

The Chicago Files

A Canadian Perspective on Living in the Windy City!

Back Road Journal

Little treasures discovered while exploring the back roads of life

Meditations in Motion

Running and life: thoughts from a runner who has been around the block

And Anyways...

Author, Baker, Sunrise Chaser

P.A. Moed

Creative Exploration in Words and Pictures

Life at No. 22

Suzanne's Life and Travel Musings from New Zealand and Beyond

Hugh's Views & News  

WordPress & Blogging tips, flash fiction, photography and lots more!


Serenity is an Inside Job

A Hundred Years Ago

Food and More


Valuing quiet and solitude in academe.


"This blog is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." - F.G.

Natalie the Explorer

Taking steps to live a healthy and enriched life

Jill Weatherholt

Writing Stories of Love, Faith and Happy Endings While Enjoying the Journey

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