Make Your Own Music – January Recap

Instead of choosing a WOTY (Word of the Year) for 2021 I decided to rely on the basic elements of my contented life – mind, body, and spirit to guide me through the year. When balance is achieved within those elements, I feel satisfied, energetic and hopeful about the future. None of these are on auto-pilot and each requires intentional tending. This year I will write a monthly recap and share some highlights of my contentment here. Like my friend Tamara says over at My Retirement Project, “accountability is a good motivator.” January was a good month, especially weather-wise, so I was particularly motivated to be outside. What could contribute more to mind, body and spirit than a day filled with sunshine?


Reading, listening and learning contribute to this category. Tutorials, blogs, documentaries, and YouTube videos, are my usual sources for education, information, and inspiration. When it comes to books, I prefer quality over quantity. Historical fiction, mysteries, and physiological thrillers are my preferred genres. I typically read 3 or 4 books per month.

This month, I watched several good documentaries, but my favorite was “The Swamp” on PBS. It is the story of the Florida Everglades; why it is protected and how it became a National Park. I read several very good blog posts too, but one that stood out came from Pat at Retirement Transitions. She wrote about using Enneagram as a self-discovery too. It offers good insight into personality types, and couldn’t we all benefit from knowing ourselves better? I did a little research of my own about my favorite color and what that says about my personality. I later used that information in a blog post to link with Sunday Stills Glacier Blue challenge. Last, but certainly not least, I read a memoir, which is rare for me. It was compelling, insightful and relatable, which in my estimation says – good book. So good in fact, that I wrote a Goodreads review about it, and I want to recommend it to you.

Liesbet Collaert from Roaming About caught my attention about a year ago, but, in spite of her considerable writing talents and extraordinary lifestyle, I lost track of her blog. It happens. Recently she resurfaced (to me) on a few blogs that I read regularly and I was delighted to see that she had published her debut book, Plunge. Curious about her story, I bought the book and downloaded it to my Kindle.

Lots of people write memoirs, but it isn’t a genre that I often read, as few captivate my interest. This one had me spell-bound from the Introductory pages. It reads like a suspense novel, with just the right amount of ‘teasers’ to create anticipation and keep the story moving along. To say Liesbet’s Nomadic life is unconventional is an understatement, and although it wouldn’t be for everyone, she has managed to create joy and purpose through her connections with nature, her exuberance for adventure, the love of a good man, supportive family and friends, and a very modest income.

My Goodreads Review of Plunge

Just when you thought living a sailor’s life was about endless summer days, sipping rum punch under swaying palm trees, and swimming with manta rays, along comes Plunge, a straightforward memoir about an unconventional life, written by an unconventional young woman.

From the Introductory pages, the ride this new author takes us on is bumpy, gritty, and real. We learn in the first chapter that Liesbet is an impulsive, adventure junkie with a mind of her own. Written more like a suspense novel than a memoir, Plunge drops you into the deep end of the ocean and exposes the underbelly of living life on your own terms.

“We only live once. It’s up to us to pursue a life that suits us, tickles our senses, and shapes us into balanced, complete, and satisfied humans” is just one of the many quotable quotes applicable to our own lives.

Brutally honest, and at times, ‘cringeworthy’ revelations about marriage, compromise, trust, and commitment frame recurring themes throughout the book as we follow her journey of heartache, loss, adventure, longing, learning, and happiness. Torn between love and adventure, Liesbet’s struggle is poignant and relatable. Is it possible to have both? Does she even want both?

The backdrop of this ‘real-life’ tale is the Caribbean Sea and the South Pacific. The book covers a period of eight years on a 35-foot catamaran, named Irie (it’s all good in Jamaican) – I couldn’t agree more.

Go to Goodreads to read more reviews of Plunge here.

To purchase Plunge, please visit Liesbet’s blog at Roaming About. You might also like to read her first blog,, to learn more about her eight year journey at sea.


This category is obviously about fitness and health, and both got considerable attention from me this month.

Pickleball Equipment

Malcolm and I have been learning to play Pickleball together for about six weeks. It is an ‘age appropriate’ couples activity that gets us out of the house several times per week. Our practice sessions generally last about an hour.

We attempted to join a group of other players, for doubles play, but the risk seemed too great, so we continue to play singles for now. If you have never heard of Pickleball, check out this Youtube video for a basic understanding of the game. It’s addictive!

The next activity falls into both body and spirit categories, since we spent about three hours paddling around the Crystal River on a tandem kayak, and because nothing lifts my spirit like seeing animals in their natural habitat.

Manatees migrate to the interior natural Springs of Florida for warmer water this time of year and it is a good time to see them gathered in one place. Three Sister’s Springs is our favorite location for optimal viewing, so we made an overnight trip to Crystal River, which is about 3 hours Northwest of our home.

Approaching Three Sister’s Springs from the Crystal River

From the surface, Manatee look like big shadows, or rocks lying on the bottom of the springs. The best vantage point is to be in the water with them, but the springs were a bit too cold for us so we were content to hoover above on our kayak. Our thrill was to watch the shadows, and anticipate when one would surface for a breath. It’s an activity that requires quiet and patience. We were rewarded time after time, even as we changed locations. I spent more time watching than taking pictures, so hopefully the underwater shot below will convey the experience.

This photo is my best attempt at capturing one of these magnificent creatures under water. I placed my Iphone into a water proof cover, turned on the camera, submerged it, aimed it in the general direction and of a shadow and held tight. Clicking with wild abandon with my remote shutter produced this image.

If you think it resembles a giant baked potato, you wouldn’t be the first to suggest that description.


This category is about joy moments, peace of mind and feeling at ease with myself. If it lifts my spirit and makes me smile, it will likely land here. My life is filled with simple pleasures, and when it doesn’t happen naturally, a drive to the beach will fix everything. Waves, wind, sunshine and cloud formations – it’s all good.

In addition to multiple Manatee sightings, there were a few things that lifted my spirit this past month. The first was having the Badge I created for Thursday Doors selected by Dan’s readers at No Facilities. Dan has taken over the Thursday Door challenge and requested designs for the badge. It is an honor to have my design selected for the year 2021. To participate in the Thursday Door challenge, please visit No Facilities.

Another encouraging thing happened when I linked up to Natalie’s Weekend Coffee Share with this post about the color blue. I had a record number of views for that post and interacting with bloggers new to my site was fun and rewarding. Thanks, Natalie for hosting a forum that enables meaningful shares and connections.

I was reminded this week that my happiness is completely connected to our happiness as Malcolm and I enjoyed every minute of our playtime in Crystal River. Sometimes you just need to be silly – together.

Make your own music and dance like no one is watching…

Linking with Trent’s Weekly Smile and Natalie’s Weekend Coffee Share

49 thoughts on “Make Your Own Music – January Recap

    1. Thanks Dan, I noticed that the Door gang is using the badge. 🙂 I will actually have a Thursday Door contribution within the next couple of weeks. Go me! I have to make a trip down to Palm Beach and find them again. Didn’t have my camera when I discovered them a few weeks ago. Paddling around with the Manatees was a lot of fun. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Hi Suzanne, Your words “contented” and “balance” resonate with me. I appreciate your phrase “…requires intentional tending.” I read a few posts with the Glacier Blue prompt. They all contained stunning photos and this is one of my favourite colours. This is an excellent, comprehensive review of Liesbet’s book, “Plunge.” I always enjoy Liesbet’s fascinating and candid writing on her blog and especially in this book.

    You had mentioned Pickleball to me in a previous comment. We have a park across from us where the tennis court is well used playing this sport. I have not tried it (yet). 🙂 I also appreciate the time, effort and positivity Natalie shares with her blog.

    Thank you for sharing an excellent recap of January, Suzanne. I love all of your photos, especially the interaction between you and your husband. I can see how you will intentionally make 2021 a good year and take us all along with you.❤️

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    1. Hi Erica, first of all, thank you for READING my very lengthy recap of January. I love that your comments are specific and reflect that you stayed with it until the end. January was a good month for us and a great beginning to the new year. Fingers crossed and wishing you the very best.

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      1. Your post was filled with a great deal of good, Suzanne. I could feel your positivity and joy leap from the page and I appreciate you sharing this with us. As you know, it all creates a ripple effect. Thank you!

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  2. What a productive month you’ve had. I picked a word of the year and it is simplify. As such I’m attempting to accomplish the same goals as you: live intentionally, live happily, do the things… simply. I like your photos and this glimpse into your life. Thanks for sharing it here.


    1. Hi Ally, simplify was my WOTY a few years back. I had a very cluttered ‘social life’ that came with a few people who created constant drama. Pruning was painful at times, but I am in a much better place because I made the decision to eliminate things and people who didn’t contribute to my overall happiness. I hope that the word serves you well this year. P.S. I’m enjoying your blog. You have a great writing style and a beautiful sense of humor. That wall story cracked me up!

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      1. I’m glad you explained how you implemented simplify to your social life. I need to take your advice to heart. So glad we found each other out here in blogland, I love what you have to say, too.

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  3. Hi Suzanne – I love the idea of giving a positive reflection on what’s been making you happy and content (and the dance moves at the end!). Interesting that you mentioned Pat’s post on Ennegrams – she’s my guest blogger tomorrow and she references that post too. BTW if you’re interested in sharing a guest post on my WOTY sometime, flick me an email and we’ll make it happen – I always enjoy sharing your posts. Loved the manatee – aren’t they associated with mermaids? (Those sailors must have been drunk – or had a liking for Rubenesque women!)

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    1. Hi Leanne, I enjoyed Pat’s presentation of the Ennegram method, and although the test results were inconclusive for me, I did learn some things. Kathy at Smart Living 365 also wrote about this subject and if you didn’t read her post, I encourage you to do so. It will broaden your understanding from another perspective.

      I’m pretty sure those sailors had consumed a lot of Rum when they confused Manatees with Mermaids. They are also called Sea Cows, which I think is a lot more descriptive.

      As to the Guest Post, I love your word – cultivate and have some thoughts that might make a decent post. Will email you to discuss reserving a spot. Thanks for the invite.


  4. I can’t wait for kayak season to return to New England! (Yes, I’ve done cold water kayaking, but my new location has a strong tidal current, so…) I would also love to see manatees! I saw some when I was a kid, back in the 70s. I do think we all need to push ourselves mentally as well as physically. I never want to stop learning! Sounds like you are doing well with both and with your spirits up in this difficult time. Have a great week!


    1. Trent, kayaking on the Crystal River was so effortless, like gliding on ice – much different from our usual ‘choppy’ conditions. Spotting so many manatees in one place was an incredible experience. For slow creatures, they sure surface quickly and then disappear. I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to point the camera. “Pushing ourselves mentally” becomes even more important as we age. Malcolm and I try to stay in the present as much as possible, but the world is moving fast and our brains are not as sharp as they used to be. I’m pretty good at digging for answers and asking questions when I don’t understand something. It’s when I don’t know what questions to ask that I start to worry a little. Thanks for your comments.

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  5. Suzanne,
    I could sense contentment throughout each section of this post and look forward to following along in 2021. As usual, your pictures are fabulous. Helen plays pickleball with a large group of gal pals, and loves it. Since we will be on the road a lot this year, I may have to take it up–there are courts everywhere now. We passed through Crystal River a few days ago. Sorry I didn’t know about the Manatees. Have a contented, spirited week. Joe


    1. Joe, it has been a very peaceful month. The drive to Crystal River was a spur of the moment thing that turned out to be a good call. You should learn pickleball. It is a fun way to kill an hour or two while getting a bit of exercise and laughing a lot! Have a great week.


  6. I love that you managed to get such a good photo of a manatee! One swum under a boat I was on in Belize some years ago but it was a night safari and all I saw was this pale shadow in the waters below us.


    1. Sarah, that manatee actually did swim under a kayak about 10 feet from us. I caught this picture while he/she was en route to the boat. The lady was thrilled and a bit scared at the same time. She was sure she was going to tip over. That experience was clearly a highlight for me this month.Wishing you a good week.


  7. Suzanne, I love your positive attitude and enjoyed reading how you balance your mind, body and spirit. Oh, how I love seeing manatees in the wild! I love the way you captured the picture by dangling your phone underwater! One of my fondest wildlife memory is when we snorkeled with manatees in King’s Spring in Crystal River many years ago. They were everywhere and one young calf came right up to our masks to investigate! Happy February!


    1. Beth, there were a few swimmers in the springs and they definitely had a more ‘personal’ experience than we did from floating above. I’m glad I stayed in the kayak though – way too cold for me. I fought hard for that photo and was determined to get at least one. I have a lot of head, tail, body, etc. but this was the only one from snout to flipper. Wishing you a wonderful February. We are finally going to Jekyll and will be there on Valentine’s Day!

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  8. Suzanne, Thanks so much for the mention! I’m glad you found the Enneagram stuff interesting. I’ve been really intrigued with it and continue to explore more. Did you determine your own dominant type?
    Also, Crystal River is definitely on my to-do list! We have been keeping it close to home this winter, but hoping next year, with things more settled and no pandemic to worry about, I think we will explore Crystal River. For us, It could even be a day trip. We’ve actually seen manatees right at our “back door” which is so cool! Our dog Taylor touched noses with one as both animals explored in pretty shallow water – that was thrilling.
    [I like your mind, body, spirit approach also!]


  9. Pat, it was inconclusive for me and equally split between a 1 and a 7, but I did confirm much of what I already know about myself. I think the thing to remember when taking these tests is that there will always be a take-a-way. Any academic pursuit that deepens one’s knowledge and understanding of oneself is worthwhile.

    The Manatees come to Crystal River every year around this time, so I am sure you will get there. So nice to see them at your back door. Just so you know, they love lettuce! Just toss a big chunk out next time and they will become a regular visitor.

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  10. Coincidentally I just helped a friend of mine publish her book – she’s also traveled the world on a limited budget. Publishing a book is very stressful so I’m a bit happy to see the month end! Love those manatees!

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  11. Hi Suzanne, I’m so glad that the Weekend Coffee Share blog link up brought you record number of views for your Color Blue post and fun and rewarding interactions with bloggers new to your site. I’ve always thought your blog is a gem to be shared more widely in the blogging world. Congrats on your Thursday Doors badge design win for 2021, too!

    I’m with you on the Mind, Body, and Spirit approach and appreciate your phrase “each requires intentional tending”. I read and posted my review of Plunge on Amazon. Liesbet offered me an Advance Copy to read before the book launch.

    Pickleball is on my list to play when the weather is nicer here. Thank you for sharing the YouTube video. Do you have any recommendation for the equipment or is the photo the equipment that you’d recommend?

    Your photo of the manatee and how you got it is excellent. I know what you mean about staying quiet and patient to get a good photo. Nature does what it does and we’re lucky to capture a good picture. I saw manatees (and crocodiles) when I visited Florida. The manatees look gentle and the crocs are scary 🙂

    Your last three photos are lovely. Keep making your own music and dancing! Thank you for linking with #weekendcoffeeshare.


    1. Hi Natalie, we purchased a pickleball ‘kit’ from Amazon for about $50. It included 2 paddles, 3 balls, and a nice canvas bag. It is a good starter kit for beginners. We will likely upgrade the paddles within the next few months to something a bit better in terms of graphite content and honeycomb pattern. You will find lots of recommendations on-line.

      Thanks for complimenting my blog. It continues to be a fun hobby and I appreciate any positive attention that comes our way.


  12. Hi, Suzanne – I also like your photo of the Manatee. He looks nothing like a baked potato — although that comment did make me giggle.
    I absolutely love your alternative to a WOTY. Focussing on the mind, boy and spirit make great sense to me.
    I read and reviewed Plunge and absolutely loved it. I have had the pleasure to meet Liesbet and Mark in person on two separate occasions. They definitely are the real deal! Nothing phony about either of them whatsoever!
    I greatly enjoyed this catchup post.

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    1. Hi Donna, I’m glad you enjoyed our monthly recap. I sincerely hope that January is predictive of what is to come. Liesbet and Mark passed us a few months back when they were in So. Florida. I offered my brother’s property in North Florida to ride out Covid for a while, but she ended up somewhere in the national forest – which, now that I have read her memoir seems more fitting to her lifestyle. My brother and SIL would have loved them as would I, no doubt. “Real deal” is always an appealing quality.

      You can’t go wrong by focusing on mind, body, and spirit, but saying that is akin to ‘preaching to the choir’ with most of you gals in my blogosphere. Take care and have a beautiful February.

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      1. Suzanne, can you believe I forgot you offered your brother’s place for us to ride out Covid!? That was such a nice thought and suggestion. Yes, we do like our privacy and space, but we also love meeting new people, especially like-minded ones and we would have enjoyed meeting your brother and SIL, as well as you and Malcolm. But those times were so up in the air. And, Covid surely lasts much longer than anyone anticipated. In the end, Mark and I drove back to MA to help my in-laws during the “summer of Covid.” We ended up staying for six months. Yep! We were more than antsy to leave after that, but it did get the “Plunge” job (mostly) done. 🙂


      2. Liesbet, I am sure you interact with lots of people and can’t possibly remember every interaction. My brother and SIL have a nice group of RV folks that they regularly meet up with at various locations throughout the year. He has offered to set up his camper at a location of our choice and let us try out the lifestyle. One day we may take him up on that. He is a great ‘people person’ and never meets anyone he can’t find something in common with.


  13. A jam-packed post, Suzanne, where do I begin? I believe you have the right formula balancing mind, body and spirit. When one is out of balance, the rest become so too.
    Blogging: Thanks for the SS shout out and your contributions. And congrats on designing the TD badge! I know this lifts your spirits and being a part of our blogging community is truly a way to stay sane and connected during these ridiculous times. I loved seeing your playful pictures of you and your husband. Every couple needs that! I have a playful, adventurous hubby too.
    Mind: I love reading. Plunge by Liesbet is truly inspiring. I’m still reading, savoring her journey. You also mentioned the Enneagram, of which I became familiar through another blogger and then through our former church. I also employ True Colors assessment and am a certified trainer.
    Body: gyms have reopened here in Spokane and I started a membership. It felt good to work out again. Then we moved into our RV temporarily to another part of town taking me further away from the gym. I need to do more than just walk. I love your manatee images. Well done with the underwater photo. They are gentle giants.
    A wonderful post! January was good to you.

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  14. Terri, without a doubt, everything that contributes to a happy life can be narrowed to those three categories. I totally agree that when one area is out of balance, the whole self suffers. The photos of Malcolm and I are the ‘tame’ ones. I seem to recall one where he proclaimed, ‘me Tarzan, you Jane’ before throwing me over his shoulder. He paid for that the next day!

    A certified color trainer – wow. Tell us more in a post or guide me to one that you’ve already written, please.

    I read Plunge much too fast and will spend some time re-reading, taking in all the details. I was anxious to get to their time in the South Pacific since we visited there in 2013. Of course, she and Mark sailed into all of the smaller, more interesting islands and atolls that a cruise ship can’t get to, so it was a different experience in many ways, but very similar in others. Wonderful memories…..

    Glad you are getting back to the gym. I need to ramp up my routine a little, especially with weights. Losing muscle mass isn’t good at my age. Take care and have a wonderful February. Still sorting landscape photos…

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  15. OH! I’m going to go order “Plunge” right now! It sounds wonderful. I’ve often dreamed of a nomadic lifestyle, but don’t quite know how to put it into practice with my life responsibilities. Thanks for the review!

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    1. Dawn, as I recall, you have a lot on your plate. We too, have responsibility for an aging parent and have to pick and choose very carefully the things we can do. Being away for extended periods of time isn’t in the cards for us right now, but we do find satisfaction and enjoyment in short road trips, close to home. I think you will enjoy Liesbet’s honesty and zest for life. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week.

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  16. Thank you for the wonderful book review, Suzanne. Memoirs are one of the genres I love to read and this sounds like a good one.

    I am tempted to learn to play pickleball too. A friend plays and she loves it! Before the pandemic, she traveled to tournaments all over the country and met a bunch of interesting people.

    Thank you for sharing the manatee photo with us! I have always wanted to see one but was never in Florida at the right time.

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    1. Laurie, I don’t know if you follow Liesbet’s blog, but after reading her memoir you will want to. She writes very candidly about their unconventional life. I appreciate that she doesn’t try to glamorize or mislead readers with just the neat and tidy bits. I resisted pickleball for years, as a lot of my tennis friends drifted that way. I thought of it as an ‘old lady’ sport. It’s one of those things I needed to age into, and now I wonder what took me so long.

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  17. You and your spouse are healthy, you’ve figured out a balance for life that works well for you, and you live in a beautiful area with lots of options for physical and mental exercise – life is good! I’ve seen manatees once when visiting Florida, and I loved your creative way of capturing that photo which is pretty darn good. Wishing you a great February!


    1. Judy, we are grateful every day to live where we live, to be healthy, and to have figured out how we want to live our retirement years. I saw NY on the news last night. I assume you got a lot of the white stuff as well. I know you will use the time to create something beautiful.

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  18. Hi Suzanne!

    Where do I start? You’ve had a busy, focused, and fun January. The photos of you and your husband are the perfect example of that – a summary of a happy life. 🙂

    Thank you so much for making “Plunge” a part of your January round-up, for your wonderful descriptions (and review) of it, and for sharing my book with your readers. I saw a few familiar faces in the comments.

    I enjoyed this post for so many reasons. It oozes positivity, gratitude, and a good balance in life. Uplifting!

    Congratulations on having your TD batch selected for 2021. I love that design. I have thought about this challenge often, as I’ve seen many of my blogging friends join. But, I haven’t had time to join in yet. I try to keep my blogging to once a week as it takes a lot of my time and I have many topics in my mind still. Plus, as you know, I still work and have a relatively challenging lifestyle to maintain. 🙂 That being said, I will join one of these months. I even took a few door photos in Bisbee, AZ, for that purpose.

    When we were in Florida last winter, we really wanted to stop at Chrystal River to swim with the manatees after I focused on editing my book for two months. But then Covid hit and we had to skip all the excursions we hoped for. Great shot of the gentle giant.

    I first heard about pickle ball in The Villages, FL, when we did a house sit there a few years ago. I’d be willing to give it a try.

    Have a great weekend and thanks again for the “Plunge plug!” 🙂


    1. Hi Liesbet, yes, it has been a good month for us. Just the right amount of everything we need to feel contentment. Today we are off to Palm Beach to ride our bikes and hopefully stumble onto some beautiful doors.

      The Villages has quite a reputation for being a ‘swinging place for seniors.’ We rode through there once, just to see what the buzz was about. Seems a bit like Disneyworld for grownups. House sitting must land you guys in some very interesting places.

      I am happy that your book promotion is going well and glad to have contributed in a small way. Maybe all the support and encouragement from the blogging community will compel you to write another book! Take care out there and stay well.

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  19. Suzanne, finding balance and contentment is not easy, particularly at the moment. Therefore congratulations to you for making it happen. I think we often look in the wrong places to find it…so “intentional tending” and “accountability” is a good way of ensuring or at least getting a lot closer to getting/finding it.
    I am a huge fan of Liesbet’s blog and I thoroughly enjoyed her travel memoir ” Plunge”. Your review is absolutely spot on.
    I have never seen a Manatee in real life…well done you for managing to capture such a good shot of it. Looks super cute.
    I have never heard of pickleball, sounds like a lot of fun. I love the photos of you and Malcolm making your own music and dancing like no one is watching. Keep dancing!!


    1. Gilda, it doesn’t hurt that winter is the absolute best time to enjoy south Florida. We live like tourists from January through May and then it’s back to the old grind. Hopefully, we will be able to travel and escape a few weeks of our hot summer months – at least that is the plan. If not, we’ll continue to put our energy into dealing with ‘what is.’


  20. Hi Suzanne I enjoyed reading your January wrap up and although I have a WOTY, Self, I too am basing my year around all areas that affect Self in mind, body and spirit. I’ve never heard of pickleball and I don’t think we have it in Australia. Also we call Manatee, Dugongs here in Australia. They certainly are unusual creatures. Enjoy your February and keep making music and dancing. x


    1. Sue, you can’t go wrong with tending mind, body, spirit. Those areas are all-encompassing when it comes to maintaining a happy life. Dugongs! I like it. We generally refer to them as Sea Cows. Personally, I don’t see the resemblance.Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week.

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  21. Hello Suzanne. I just discovered your blog and I love it! Packed with great information. You’re my kind of gal. I’m a Midwesterner, so I’m not very familiar with your lay of the land, but it looks wonderful. And it looks like you and your husband are having a grand time. I look foward to checking your blog on a regular basis. Thanks.


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