Lessons From the Sky

I have long been enamored with the sky; its mystery and majesty. From pondering what secrets the universe holds to simply enjoying the gleeful and sometimes moody dance of clouds, I’m a sky watcher.

My hobbies of sky gazing and photography fit nicely into Teri Webster’s Sunday Stills challenge; Sky. And, consequently, I have had my head in the clouds more often than usual this week.

Clouds are formed when the sun warms the earth and moisture rises and clusters together, catching bits of dust from the atmosphere along the way. Light and wind play a part as they dance across the sky, forever evolving and changing. Whether you observe them with reverence or curiosity, they always have a story to tell and a lesson to teach.

Lessons From the Sky

The sky is a vast expanse in which to explore dreams, seek inspiration, find clarity and peace.

Storms are inevitable. Our job is to prepare, seek shelter and have patience.

Light always follows darkness.

A heart filled with optimism and gratitude is better prepared to deal with life’s challenges.

An unexamined life reveals very little that is true and honest. Look first at your own reflection.

With each new day dawns a new opportunity to better understand yourself and to improve the quality of your life; be inspired, find peace, acceptance, renewed confidence and joy. There are lessons to be learned when we look from a different perspective. This week I hope you’ll take some to reflect on life and remember to look up.


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65 thoughts on “Lessons From the Sky

  1. Wow, Suzanne, your skies are spectacular, no wonder you look up more often. I agree that looking to the sky for inspiration and reflection upon ourselves is true. Glad you could join us for Sunday Stills and share your fab photography! And high five for meeting the photo challenge trifecta 😊


  2. That makes sense. California has very little moisture, which is essential to cloud formations. Clear blue skies make a nice backdrop for landscapes and flowers, but there is nothing like a nice overcast day to create the perfect light for any situation.


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  5. What a beautiful post and photos xx…Every morning I open the blinds in my kitchen and gaze up to the sky, somedays its dark and stormy and others there is a beautiful blue poking through the puffy white clouds xx….#MLSTL


  6. Beautiful pictures and I especially appreciated the thoughts expressed. Shared on my FB page. Sometimes because the pictures were water and sky, my eyes were drawn to the water and the sand but wow! Thanks for sharing these. Michele


      1. Yes, I have always loved taht too. I was incredibly lucky to get good pictures of the Cape Cod Canal with clouds above the water when I was home in October, and could not see the screen on my phone. Lucky indeed. Blessings, Michele


  7. Beautiful photos Suzanne (I wouldn’t expect anything else) and I’m a big fan of the clouds reflecting sunsets (I’m never up early enough to see if it applies to sunrises too!) #MLSTL


  8. We have been staying up much later than usual on the deck of our island home hopeful to see the elusive neowise comet. I gave up the other night. I was just falling asleep when my husband called me excitedly – but it was only a plane with a beautiful jet stream. Not a comet, but still beautiful. I agree that there is such beauty in our night sky, even if it is only the quality of the light.


  9. Lovely photographs. We live in coastal Ireland and clouds haven’t been our friend this past month of July, supposedly peak summer here in Ireland. Constant cloud cover has meant only glimpses of sunshine, which does not last, and never stays into the evening!! #MLSTL


  10. Thank you for taking the time to visit Picture Retirement. We visited Ireland a few years ago and were lucky enough to enjoy the most picture-perfect five days. I remember there weren’t a lot of clouds, but the skies were clear and such an amazing blue. Every day, our guide told us how lucky we were.


  11. I’ve been taking a lot of sky pictures lately. There’s a palm tree outside our apartment that I love taking a picture of to show it against the various ways the sky looks throughout the day.


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  13. Beautiful photos, Suzanne. The first one is especially stunning. And the red sky looks ominous. We are having lots of red in our skies these days because of the forest fires. I love how the sky and the earth mirror each other in the three beach shots. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.


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