A Photo a Week Challenge – Water

Instead of sharing an update this week I am participating in a photography challenge which should give you a good idea of what my week looked like. The challenge is sponsored by Nancy Merrill and anyone can join. She announces the subject each Thursday and participants have until the following Thursday to share their posts. The subject this week is Water.

Water is essential to our well-being. Not just the life sustaining properties of drinking water, but the restorative powers of the sound, movement and feel of water.

Imagine standing before a majestic waterfall, immersing yourself into a liquid pool of refreshing clear waters or sitting by an ocean as the waves gently caress the shore. Peaceful, gentle, calm are words that comes to mind when I think of those experiences. Water captivates, excites our senses and transforms like no other natural resource. Being in, on, under or just observing water makes me feel happier.

My favorite place to just BE on Hutchinson Island, Stuart, Florida – Atlantic Ocean
Even a man made waterfall can delight the senses
A lazy Afternoon Float Lifts My Spirit
A long paddle on the River engages mind and body
A Sunrise Yoga Photo Shoot Reminds me to Express Gratitude
Alone With My Thoughts at Miramar Beach, Gulf of Mexico

Some of these photos are from my archives, but all are representative of my life long love affair with water.

This past week, Malcolm and I have spent a lot of time at the beach or enjoying a sunset by the river. The rains have subsided and the humidity is tolerable most evenings, especially when there is a slight breeze. We arrive around 6:00 p.m. and typically have it all to ourselves until well after dark. It is a pleasant way to spend the evening while maintaining social distancing.

Company and Conversation Optional

Sometimes it takes surrender to see things clearly. Water helps me do just that. How about you? Do you have a peaceful place to quiet your mind and enjoy solitude.

Linked to Nancy Merrill’s weekly photo challenge – WATER

21 thoughts on “A Photo a Week Challenge – Water

  1. Beautiful photos, the sea always makes me feel invigorated. I am grateful for finally being able to visit my daughter, things are starting to open up here in the UK. I am also looking forward to seeing my son very soon.


  2. I am so grateful to live close to the ocean. It’s hard to find a spot that is as uncrowded as the ones in your pictures but, fortunately, being retired, we can plan our visits strategically. I especially like the picture taken on the Gulf of Mexico. Did you use a special lens for that?


  3. Suzanne, Love your beautiful photos and descriptions of how water makes you feel. I’m thankful to live close to Lake Ontario. It’s a place I go to often to quiet my mind and enjoy solitude.


  4. This subject “water” is perfect for many of the stunning photos you take around water. I did exactly what you recommended, Suzanne, with your paragraph beginning “Imagine….” You describe it in such a way all of my senses come into play. Interesting about the fisherman up high. I always wonder whether they actually expect to catch fish, or just like the concept of “fishing.” A huge Wow, on all of the photos. The “Alone with my thoughts…” photo really drew me in. Your words are powerful. We spent the morning in an area called “The Breakwater.” A gorgeous area close to downtown Victoria. We are surrounded by water and I do not take this for granted. Thank you for sharing a beautiful post, Suzanne!


    1. Hi Terri, can you recommend an inflatable SUP. I know they vary in price range, and I don’t want to spend a fortune, but I do want decent quality. I’m leaning that way on a new kayak also. Our tandem is too heavy for me to be comfortable transporting it anymore. Signs of age, ugh! P.S. I noticed a lake in one of your ‘land’ pictures. Is it big enough for recreation and does your property back to it?

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      1. Certainly, Suzanne! I have bought all my SUPS at Costco and they are a bargain compared to other places. Costco has an inflatable kayak/SUP hybrid https://www.costco.com/wavestorm-10ft-6in-stand-up-paddleboard-kayak-hybrid-supyak-2-pack.product.100572542.html If you can’t see the link I think you can just go to Costco’s website and search for SUP. The inflatable SUP is only $399! The body of water in the pic is the Spokane River. That area is known as Long Lake and yes, plenty of room for board sports 🙂 We are a few blocks away from it.

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  5. Beautiful photos as always Suzanne – they made me feel warmer just looking at them. We’re sliding into the overcast, cold, rainy days of early Winter here in Australia and that pool floating pic really gave me “Summer envy”!


  6. Nancy

    Hi Suzanne,
    Water is critical…Dan and I have been boating for years, and the connect to the water is undeniable. Even when we are camping, or traveling, or even hiking we tend to seek out environments with water access and/or views.
    You photos are lovely…glad you and Malcolm are able to get to the beach evenings for some socially-distanced beach walking.


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