My New Toy – A Cell Phone Tripod

We take a lot of photos when we travel, but very few of them include both of us in the same picture. Asking another tourist can be a bother and you ‘get what you get’ when you do that, so I decided to look for a solution.

While not a fan of the ‘selfie stick,’ I am completely in love with my new Iphone tri-pod, complete with blue tooth for remote operation. It is small enough to carry in a handbag and set-up takes just seconds. It can also be adjusted to landscape or portrait position. At under $25 it is a photography tool worth the investment.

Depending on what I plan to shoot, I sometimes carry just my Iphone 11 and the tripod. It works well in a variety of situations, but I have noticed that a good stiff wind will tip this particular model over when it is extended to its full height, which is about twice what is shown in the photo above. The remote shutter fits securely into the base of the tripod when not in use.

Malcolm and I clowning around at the beach, testing the new toy. I think the results are a nice alternative to a typical selfie!

What made me smile this week was discovering a fun new toy that enables me to easily take photos of the two of us. I was looking forward to getting some nice shots of us sitting on the deck of a ship while a magnificent glacier loomed in the background. But alas, that is a sad story and would spoil the mood of today’s challenge.

Trent’s World Weekly Smile Challenge is the place to go if you have a smile to share, so please visit his blog and attach a link. We could all use a few extra smiles right now!

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31 Responses to My New Toy – A Cell Phone Tripod

  1. Nice! I love tech toys and appreciate bloggers posting about what works and doesn’t, for them. Thanks Suzanne!



  2. trentpmcd says:

    It does look like a good toy. I’m not sure if I would use it a lot since I take few selfies and even less couple or group selfies, but there have been times when something like this would have been extremely handy.


  3. Natalie says:

    I bought a selfie stick for similar reasons, Suzanne. It even looks like yours. I got very good use out of it when I travelled with my sister. We now have lots of photos of the two of us as our memories.


  4. Dan Antion says:

    You’ve given me an idea for our daughter’s birthday (if she doesn’t hear of it and buy one first). Thanks!


  5. Hi, Suzanne – This is such a great idea, and very timely advice. Richard and I have recently reviewed all (…okay, most) of our travel photos from the past 20 years. Our goal has been to make a travel wall in our stairway. We finally selected 14 photos. Despite our best efforts, and despite the fact that we were usuallly travelling together, we are only together in three of our chosen photos. A phone tripod is now on my shopping list!


    • Donna, same here. About once a year I set up the camera on a tripod and use the remote shutter control to get a few decent shots of Malcolm and I just so I’ll have something to add to our annual book. That is always a chore, but this little gadget is so convenient, I’ll likely have too many!


  6. I like it! I think I see one of those in my future! We’re like you. We hardly ever get pictures of the two of us when we are traveling. Whenever I really want to get a photo of us I will offer to take a photo of a couple or a group and then as them to take ours. It makes for some fun conversation,

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  7. Erica/Erika says:

    I just now added this to my list, Suzanne. I suspect there is likely only one model of an iphone tri-pod? I am still a little curious how you know where to place yourself (and significant other:) I suspect trial and error. Cute photos of you and your husband. My typical selfie is very scary. And, yes, not a great story right now about not sitting on the deck of the ship. Your post did make me smile. Thank you!


  8. I’ve thought about purchasing one of these (for the same reason – too few pictures of the two of us) so I appreciate you writing about your experience with this particular model. I’ll look for one with a little more stability. Thanks!


  9. Easin' Along says:

    Hi, Suzanne,

    Did you get the tripod online? Would love to know where. Helen always takes pictures with an IPhone and would use it. I have seen a tripod for an IPad that was pretty neat for taking videos of a concert. Cute pics of you and the hubby. Joe


  10. Joanne Sisco says:

    Between my husband and I, we now own several tripods of different sizes – from very small to super-sturdy. Do you think we EVER remember to bring one with us?
    We do get a lot of giggles trying to take a selfie though 🙂


  11. Forestwood says:

    I hope the selfie sticks have improved as I had immense trouble with mine – the bluetooth was so iffy. They are a lot of fun, though.


    • Hi Amanda, thanks for following and for leaving a comment. I like the tripod, with the exception of the stability in windy conditions. The bluetooth has worked perfectly for me. It is a fun tool that generates conversation from passersby each time I use it. I am heading over to learn more about you now. Welcome to Picture Retirement.


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  13. Dr Sock says:

    Suzanne, not only do we have few photos of the two of us together in our photo collection, but we also have few photos with me in them at all, as I am the main photographer. So we have a large collection of images of Rob doing interesting things all around the world.



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  15. Hi Suzanne,
    Great post. A blue tooth tripod. Very cool. We look on Amazon. Thanks for the tips!


  16. Very Nice! I enjoyed to visiting your blog.


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