Our Winter Vacation – In Florida

Where do people who live in Florida go for winter vacation? To another city in Florida, of course. If you have read any of our Discover Florida series you know that we are passionate about life in Florida and have made it a mission to explore all of its ten coastal regions.

We wrote about the Gold Coast, the Space Coast the Forgotten Coast and the First Coast along with many other ‘Florida specific’ stories, that you will find under the Discover Florida tab above. From posh to rugged, each coast in Florida has a unique identity and is beautiful in its own way. It is hard to pick a favorite, (other than where we live), but the coast that makes us want to linger a little longer is the Emerald Coast. Read this post about our 2017 three day road trip to understand why we love it here. At the completion of that trip, we vowed to return for a longer stay. It took us nearly three years to return, but for the next two weeks we are finally honoring that vow.

It is mid-February and the temperature in South Florida (where we live) is already topping 80 degrees. Why not head North for a little winter escape?

Miles of Smiles

What made me smile this week is holding hands with my sweetie for a slow walk on the beach, a cool ocean breeze, and being completely relaxed in this secluded environment. It is off season in this part of Florida and we have the place mostly to ourselves. What could be better than this?

Well, more birds of course!

reflection is good for the soul
standing tall
camera shy?

I am sharing this post at Trent’s World Weekly Smile Challenge, where positive energy is contagious. Please stop by and share yours!

I will be back with more about our time at Miramar Beach and other points of interest along the Emerald Coast during the next few weeks, so please stay tuned as life unfolds.

25 thoughts on “Our Winter Vacation – In Florida

  1. I love the Emerald Coast and their beautiful beaches!! One of my happy places! I read the post about your 2017 visit and love the SanDestin Resort. Seaside and Rosemary beach are quaint and lovely aren’t they? We also enjoy Panama City Beach. We are planning to visit again soon.


    1. We are taking a drive over to Seaside and Rosemary beach today. My MIL has never been to this area and it has been a treat to show her around. She is running out of adjectives to describe how beautiful the beaches are. Panama City Beach is a bit too touristy for me, but it is pretty and it has all the benefits of a city.

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  2. Sounds like it will be a great time. I did once stay at a park near Panama City for my “Spring Break” (I was a college student but went with my parents, so not Spring Break like you hear about ;)) Love the Great Blue photo. Enjoy your time there!


    1. Trent, I grew up near by, so I know what you mean about Spring Break, and “Spring Break.” Ft.Lauderdale and Daytona have a similar reputation. Be happy you were with your parents and not with a bunch of crazy 18 year olds. My MIL talked to the Blue Heron and got really close. He didn’t mind us at all.

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  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing a slice of paradise with us, Suzanne. I read the post about your 2017 visit. My family rented a beach house and stayed in Destin a few years ago. The beach in the area is among the best I’ve seen. Have a wonderful vacation!


  4. Florida is uniquely beautiful, and you show the beauty so well. Although I moved away many years ago, we’ve returned every winter to visit my folks in Apalachicola. And now, after moving them into assisted living, we’re trying to decide whether or not to keep their home. Your post makes me want to take a break today from sorting through their stuff and head to St. George Island. 🙂


    1. Laurel, it was a beautiful morning here in Miramar Beach and we took a nice long walk down to Topsail State Park which has a beautiful unspoiled coastline. A school of Dolphins just off shore kept us entertained for quite a while. I do hope you headed out to St. George. Now that, is a real treasure!


  5. Lovely photos (as always). It made me smile though because we often have the same conversation – where do people who live on the Sunshine Coast go for a beach holiday when we have such amazing beaches?


  6. Once we retire for good, I look forward to long road trips to Florida and other places along the Gulf and East coast, Suzanne. My mission will not only be to capture everything with my lens, but SUP any paddle-able body of water. Very informative and lovely photos!


    1. Terri, next week we are exploring the National Seashore, along the Gulf Coast and I can’t wait. It is thirty-five miles of undeveloped coastal land with lots of pullouts and walk overs for those of us who have to stop the car for a photo opp every few miles.

      You will have no shortage of paddle-able waters in Florida. Come on down!

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  7. Hello, Suzanne,
    We have spent almost all of this week booking next year’s trip to Florida and the Keys. We will be at St. George’s State Park near Apalachicola in January. It’s not exactly the Emerald coast, but the beaches are still very nice and the Oyster Republic is a great place to get good seafood. Enjoy your time there and thanks for sharing the great pics. Joe


    1. Joe, we have stayed in Apalachicola many times and I love St. George Island. The state park there is especially beautiful. If you have not read my “Forgotten Coast” post, you might want to check it out. I believe I have a restaurant recommendation for ice cold oysters included there.

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  9. Hi Suzanne, I really enjoy seeing all of your exceptionally beautiful photos. You do capture the unique identity and beauty of each coast. The simple pleasure of a smile on the beach with a loved one, made me smile. Especially when you have the place to yourselves. Your bird photos are exquisite! I did read through your 2017 three day road trip. Wow! Thank you for sharing the beauty on our planet.


    1. Erica, we have just completed a week here and there have been many solitary walks on this beautiful beach. I have not taken a lot of pictures since this trip is about family time, but I will remedy that later this week as things settle down. Thank you for reading my Emerald Coast post.

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