Captured Moments – Things That Sparkle

Last week I put the finishing touches on our Annual Photo Book, previewed it one last time and placed the order – 2019 is literally in the books. This photo from Christmas did not make the cut, but I wanted to share it with you, for one simple reason. It sparkles. Sparkly things make me smile and therefore it qualifies as a ‘captured moment.’

Since I am sharing the photo, I thought it only right to share the recipe for the two cocktails inside the glasses. You never know when you might want to mix one up – hint, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Simple Syrup

P.S. I have counted twenty-four round objects (twenty-six if you count the reflections) in the photo which means it also qualifies for this week’s photo challenge. Teri over at Second Wind Leisure Perspective, is the host of Sunday Stills, but this week she has enlisted Hugh at Hugh’s News to carry on in her absence. To see more interpretations of the theme ‘Round’ or to enter your own, please zip over there and check it out.


31 thoughts on “Captured Moments – Things That Sparkle

    1. I just found two more that I missed in my count. The two glasses reflecting in the silver ball! That makes 28!! Thanks for hosting Teri’s Challenge. I was late to the party this week, so decided not to leave a link back in the comments on your blog. Maybe I’ll come up with something for old around mid-week. Fun challenge.

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  1. I love things that sparkle and formulas that cut down the concentration of alcohol in a cocktail (I’m a lightweight) 😜so I love that recipe.


    Susan Grace


    1. It is fun and easy when you begin the project in January and end it in December. You don’t have to make decisions all at once about what to include and can add/delete at any time.With all your beautiful photos, you should definitely give it a try.


  2. A very pretty, sparkly photo, Suzanne. If this one did not make the cut, I cannot imagine how beautiful the other photos are in your book. The appearance of the cocktails initially reminded me of Kir Royale (I have the ingredients in my refrigerator). The Champagne Cocktail is similar. Thank you for sharing the recipe!


    1. Natalie, fingers crossed on the 2019 book. There always seems to be at least one or two spelling or grammatical errors and at least one picture that was slightly out of focus. But, our lives aren’t perfect so why should I expect the book to be?? Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Nice image of all the round objects, so artfully placed, Suzanne. That recipe looks festive and delish! Thanks for the shout-out for Sunday Stills and so glad you could join Hugh while he hosted for me! I’m back to blogging and looking forward to next week’s Sunday Stills!


    1. You are welcome. This was a fun one and easily interpreted. I added the cranberries to the dish to balance the color triangle and I placed a candle with a silver base behind the crystal vase which added those blue tones. Other than the fact that I caught Malcolm’s reflection in the silver ball, I thought it turned out well for an impromptu shot. I did not notice him until a couple of days ago. Funny! Welcome back and Happy New Year!

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  4. Nancy

    Happy 2020 Suzanne! I loved, loved the sparkly photo…and the idea of a yearly photo journal is a lovely one.
    And you, my blogging friend, have wonderful and beautiful photos to include in it.
    Picturing Retirement is an apt name for your chronicle-ing your journey!


    1. Awwww, thank you Nancy. I actually thought about our Blog name a lot. It seemed the logical choice, knowing that it would be photo intensive. Pictures don’t always speak louder than words, but in our case I do rely on them a lot!. I hope our joy and contentment comes across.


  5. Hi, Suzanne,
    We’re in Key West where cocktails are naturally mixed into the lifestyle. I don’t fight it. Nevertheless, I have yet to see any as pretty as these. Good job! I saved the syrup recipe. I love Old Fashions. The syrup will get tested in a Manhattan as well. Thanks! Joe


  6. I’m a huge fan of sparkle Suzanne – and Christmas! So, your picture is just perfect and I bet your annual photo book will get lots of viewings over the years ahead. I’ve never done a yearly one – we have a wedding one for both of our kids, and a whole of life one – with a page for each year going back to our childhood (some years clumped together for our earlier days!) and I love looking back and remembering.
    Don’t forget to get in touch with me about a guest post (maybe in March??) for my Symphony series xx

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  7. Leanne, I am sure the ‘whole life book’ is a treasure and your children must love it too. I make the annual book for the same reason – looking back and remembering. The oldest one is from 2008. Wow, how things have changed in such a short time. Check your email!


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