A Visit to the Dentist

I visit the dentist about three times per year and every time I go I have the same thought; ‘they really need to update their slideshow.’ Yes, it is an odd thing to think, when you are stuck in a chair with your mouth open for nearly an hour. But, with nothing to do but stare at an elevated TV screen I at least want the pictures scrolling by to transport me to a peaceful place. The pictures on the screen in my dentist’s office have not been updated in at least ten years and I am a bit tired of waterfalls.

I suppose an alternative would be to listen to the chatter of the hygienist; mine is intent on torturing me with questions, by the way.  Why do they do that? We have had at least three different hygienists during the past fifteen years, and each one has a different approach. There was the ‘let me tell you about my miserable life’ one, the ‘my kids are so wonderful one’, and now we have the ‘this is what’s going on in your mouth one.’ I really detest this one the most because she makes me feel neglectful. By the time I leave, I am convinced my teeth will fall out before the next visit.

So, I tune out and watch the same old waterfalls scroll by. I am strongly considering loading a few of my favorite photographs on a thumb drive and taking it with me for the next visit. It might look something like this.


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Not a waterfall in the bunch! And, yes, this was a shameless opportunity to share some of my favorite photographs from the past year. Happy Sunday!

19 thoughts on “A Visit to the Dentist

  1. Hi, Suzanne – I swear that we have had the exact same hygienists…and the same slide show. I am definitely in favour of you adding your beautiful photography to the slides …. and deleting the 10 year old waterfalls!


  2. Nancy

    Hi Suzanne,
    I’d rather look at your photos any day…wish my dentist had a nice slideshow of the ceiling. Nothing but ceiling tiles!


  3. No slide show at my dentist, but if there was, I’d prefer yours. 🙂 This post made me think of one dentist I had years and years ago who gave patients nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen with a tube in your nose. I never cared what they were doing because I was floating. Haven’t thought of that in years, so thanks for the chuckle. 🙂


  4. Funny.. I can’t even remember seeing slides..lol! Just the ceiling because my eyes are usually closed from the minute they start till they finish. I do remember one dentist who had a TV showing soaps attached to the ceiling. I didn’t look either. I hate going, but once in the chair l am relaxed :-).


  5. Hi Suzanne, You made me smile with how the hygienist tortures with questions, relatable since I was a Dental Hygienist for over 25 years. I have seen some patients and their families for almost the 25 years. I have heard we all have our different approaches. I totally disagree with the one that makes you feel neglectful. It is amazing how good we become at nonverbal communication:) Your photos are stunning! I am sure everyone would appreciate new ones. Nice to connect with you on your site. I look forward to reading more:)


    1. Hi Erica, thanks for stopping by Picture Retirement today. Funny that you were a hygienist. Which type were you?? I’ll bet you were the get the chit chat out of the way and then go to work quietly type. My Dentist is like that and I love him. He must have a note in my file that reminds him to ask about my recent travels or what’s up with my daughter because he does it every time I visit. Thanks for complimenting my photos. If you poke around much you will see that it is kind of a thing for me to post photo intensive blogs.

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      1. You are right, Suzanne. I tried to make the patient comfortable, and then I had work to do. Exhausting when a patient wants to keep talking and trying to diplomatically keep them quiet and work on treatment. I really appreciate your photos! Beautiful and a mini meditation for me. I am glad we connected:)

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