Social Saturday at Cresting the Hill

Leanne LeCras at Cresting the Hill  has a very thoughtful blog that connects and encourages women who are experiencing mid-life and all its challenges. One of my favorite features there is Social Saturday, which is written entirely by guest writers.

                                      Today, I feel fortunate to be her guest writer. 

The piece I wrote is a total departure from the typical travel guide/photo journal posts that you will find here on my blog. This post shares my thoughts regarding  life and contentment. I know the struggle is real for many women, as it used to be for me. It takes reflective time and an honest evaluation of ones self to possess the knowledge and willingness to define our own rules for happiness. I firmly believe that it is within us all to do so. I also believe that having a philosophy, or beliefs or a definition of what is good for you is not enough. You must make choices that are consistent with your beliefs and put your words into action, every single day. Only then, will you cease to feel like a stranger in your own skin and achieve true contentment.

For me, contentment means accepting the past, being true to myself by creating balance in my everyday life and looking forward to the future with a positive and grateful attitude.

I hope you will take a moment to visit Cresting the Hill and read my humble thoughts today. Leanne and I are happy to respond to your comments.


7 thoughts on “Social Saturday at Cresting the Hill

  1. Suzanne I loved your post – how balanced it was and how proactive you are in making retirement work for the two of you – taking into account your differences and making them work for you rather than letting them pull you apart – something we can all learn. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and being part of my series xx


    1. Lean, I appreciate the opportunity to share with your readers. Thank you for including me as a guest writer.You have created a wonderful, supportive community. Please keep up the good work.


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