Finding Your Passion

A few weeks ago I was asked by Sue Loncaric at Sizzlin’ Towards 60 and Beyond to write a guest post for her amazing Blog. She has a weekly “Over 50 and Thriving Series” where she regularly includes guest writers.  I am thrilled to be among these interesting women.

When I considered what to write, I looked no further than Sue’s comment on a recent post about our travels to Europe. She said that the photographs in that piece made her feel as if she were there. That, is the ultimate compliment to a photographer – that it made you feel…..

I hope you will zip over to her space in the universe today and read what I wrote about finding your passion, at any age. Linger awhile , she is someone you will want to get to edit2

May light and love surround you!

9 thoughts on “Finding Your Passion

  1. Greetings from another 50 something!! I’ve been clicking around the blogosphere this morning and I can’t recall how I found your blog but I’m intrigued so I just followed you. I love photography as well so I’ll be back to check out your blog further!! I also checked out your article on another blog that looks like I need to follow. Nice job and lovely photos!


  2. Hi! I saw your blog on sizzlin toward 60 and beyond. I love you photography 😊 I also began my blog when our kids went to college, seems like a perfect time to start working on me 😉. So glad to have found your site!


  3. It’s so true. What an inspiring article. I have turned 53 few days ago and still going through various training course as a fitness instructor. Sometimes I am wonder, am I too old for this…? But it is my passion to stay healthy and help others to stay healthy and fit as well.


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