Captured Moments – Wind

I recently discovered a new photo challenge hosted by Teri Webster Schrandt at Second Wind Leisure Perspective.  Her challenge this week is – capture the wind. It fits in perfectly with the Captured Moments category that I have established as a weekly post on our blog, so I am very happy to be able to participate with few photographs this week.

I live in Florida where wind evokes feelings of both joy and concern. For most of the year, it provides a gentle breeze which makes sipping drinks on the back porch, flying kites, sailing boats, visiting the beach and enjoying other outdoor activities pleasant.

When conditions are just right, the wind creates the most entertaining show as it pitches waves into the rocks that line the shore of our local beach. That is the time when I most want to be there with my camera poised. Every splash is different and you never know what the shutter will capture. Each of the photos below was taken on a different day in very different conditions.

P1440811 (2)

P1730708 (2)

When the wind is powerful and the tide is high, the waves are not so gentle and artistic. That is when Mother Nature lets you know who’s in charge.

Tower SplashThere is a fine line between beautiful and dangerous, and I am especially cautious when taking photographs on windy days.  Those folks next to the wall  put themselves into needless peril, and thankfully, were not harmed, but, it does give perspective to my photo. P1440880 (2)Salt water on my skin, sea air in my hair….to capture the wind is to capture pure joy.


19 thoughts on “Captured Moments – Wind

  1. I love the power of the ocean, Suzanne and you have captured this perfectly in your photos. Waves crashing onto rocks can be mesmorising but as you say, also dangerous. Have a great week and thanks for sharing.

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  2. Interesting to read a different perspective on the wind. I’ve always hated the wind – especially as a cyclist. Even an occasional head wind is too frequent for me 😉
    … but I hadn’t considered wind as the force behind the ocean waves. Can you tell I’ve never lived near the ocean? 🙂 Love your photos, especially the 3rd one with the wave as high as the tower. Great capture!


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