Captured Moments – Bruges

Bruges, Belgium is one of the most picturesque cities in Europe. Its medieval structures, cobblestone streets and canals draped with graceful willow tree branches create an atmosphere that is simply romantic.


The thing that strikes you about Bruges is the slow pace and gracefulness of the city. This is a place to take it slow and easy. Find a park bench and sit a while. Take a meandering boat ride down the canal, or sip a glass of wine on the deck of a cafe overlooking the water.


It is entirely possible to forget, if only for a little while, that you are a tourist with a guidebook and a checklist of things to do.



Today’s Captured Moment is a reminder that traveling is not just about climbing to the top of a Bell Tower, seeing a rare painting or standing in awe of a Cathedral. Sometimes, it is about slowing down and enjoying the moment.

14 thoughts on “Captured Moments – Bruges

  1. Retirement Reflections

    I love second trips! They allow us to get off of the ‘fast tourist track; and unhurriedly enjoy our surroundings. Beautiful photos!


  2. We didn’t make it to Bruges, but we did take a day trip from Brussels to Ghent and I suspect Ghent is very much like Bruges. Spending a day in Ghent was like stepping back in time a couple of hundred years sans modern transportation and dress. We loved it. The only downside to our timing was the entire historic core of Ghent was being set up for an annual HUGE festival, can’t remember which, but scaffolding was everywhere so it made it a bit tricky to get the true feeling of the city. I guess that gives us a reason to return!


    1. Ghent and Bruges are very similar. If you start at the castle and head into the “old town” side of Ghent, that is exactly what Bruges looks like in every direction. Both are beautiful.


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