Captured Moments – Springtime in Florida

Our South Florida geography does not lend itself to the traditional experience of four seasons, but we do notice subtle changes for at least three of the four. March and April however, introduce a vibrant  green backdrop, bursting with color that is undeniably Spring.

Majestic Palm Trees, palmtree

along with colorful bougainvillea and Hibiscus plants

spring5are iconic elements in every South Florida landscapes, but in Springtime, everyone joins  the celebration.

All those beautiful blossoms lying in wait, finally getting their chance to shine…

The Tabebuia tree has pale green leaves for the entire year, then for just a few weeks in Spring, this happens!


For me personally, the star of the show this year is this beautiful sunflower that I saw at Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales just a few days ago.


I have never seen a red sunflower and quite frankly did not know they existed. Bok Tower Gardens, in Lake Wales is a feast for the eyes any time of year. I typically visit there in March and December. You can read all about the gardens and estate in this post that I wrote from my winter visit.

Spring is short lived in our neck of the woods, so we enjoy this majestic beauty while we can, pollen and all. All too quickly it turns to Summer. Stay tuned, we have a lot to say about that.

16 thoughts on “Captured Moments – Springtime in Florida

    1. Gilda, I love that palm tree. It is at the end of the street where I live so I pass by it often. I will be passing through London in route to Germany next month. Hopefully Spring will have arrived by then. 🙂

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    1. That Palm is about thirty feet high and magnificent. I have seen others like it, but never quite that full and well shaped. Now that I know about the red sunflowers, I am going to look for seeds and plant some next year. Happy Spring to you!

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  1. All the photos are beautiful – but what’s not to love?! Flowers are appreciated at any time of year but are particularly special in spring. Red sunflower? WOW!
    I’m not normally a huge fan of palm trees (it’s hot and sunny – where’s the shade?!), but I love the first photo!


  2. Too lovely. Spring was my favorite season when we lived in Chicago and it was always gone in the blink of an eye. Love the red sunflower ( I did not know tgere was such a thing either), and love the butterflies. Oh the yellow tree too…making a gorgeous yellow carpet.



    1. Spring is fleeting here, as well. The heat and humidity of summer will descend upon us shortly. In the meanwhile, we will soak up the beauty of the season.The butterflies and hummingbirds have been visiting regularly, but I have never been lucky enough to capture a hummingbird in my lens.


  3. Although spring is pretty because the season brings with it new life, I’m not a big fan because I suffer with seasonal allergies and no Zyrtec is not my friend. 🙂 Ha! Ha! I’ve tried every known over the counter brand, nothing works. Oh well.

    I love your photo of the palm tree, such a great perspective! It really is a beauty.


    1. That’s a shame about your allergies. My daughter doesn’t react well to Benadryl, but can tolerate Zyrtec. I guess we are lucky that any of the over-the-counter stuff works for us. That Palm tree stole the show for this post. It is a real beauty. I actually took that with my cell phone one morning while I was walking the neighborhood.


  4. Retirement Reflections

    What stunning photos…especially the red flower. I, too, did not know that they existed. I am off to look them up now!


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