Captured Moments – Reach Higher

Malcolm and I were at our favorite spot on the beach a few days ago, doing as we always do, which is to sit and enjoy a few moments of solitude; waves crashing into the rocks, birds floating overhead, lost in our thoughts and feelings – our version of tranquility.

There were many people on the beach this afternoon and at first we were bothered by the crowd – this is our beach and we are used to having it to ourselves. It was not long though before we were intrigued by the delight of a young boy who was obviously caught up in his own imagination.

Waves are a funny thing, they come in patterns, and if you are astute enough, or lucky enough, you can predict their crescendo against the rocks. He had it all figured out and was conducting a symphony.


The “minor fall and the major lift”…


Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, …..

This week our captured moment is a reminder of what each of us has inside -imagination, strength, perseverance and a will to succeed. Don’t stop at the crescendo, there is so much more to discover.


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