Captured Moments – Unexpected

Last week we drove out to the beach to watch the sunset from a dock on the river which is literally just steps across the road from the Atlantic ocean. It is our favorite place to enjoy a bottle of wine and be quiet with each other while taking in the beauty of nature.

It had been a clear, cool day with some interesting cloud patterns floating about so we had expectations of a pretty sunset. What we did not expect, was the effect that the intense sunset on the river would have behind us, on the ocean. With a show happening on both sides of the road it was hard to choose a favorite. So, I will leave it to you to decide. River side or ocean?

edit 2

I took these photos about twenty minutes apart as the sun was going down.


Invite beauty and contentment into your life with every sunrise and every sunset. We cherish moments like these and pray that we will always be delighted by unexpected, simple pleasures.

5 thoughts on “Captured Moments – Unexpected

    1. We live about 10 miles away from the Atlantic, with absolutely NO traffic, so it is always a pleasant and oftentimes spontaneous drive. Even if it were difficult, I think I would make the effort once in a while, especially for moments like this.


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