Behind the Doors of Palm Beach

Several weeks ago Malcolm and I took a slow, scenic drive along Highway A1A in Florida. I was on a mission to find a particular blue door that I had seen a picture of on Instagram. We began our drive at Palm Beach and ended it about sixty miles south. Unfortunately, we never saw the door.

Yesterday, we returned to Palm Beach to visit a sculpture garden that I had taken note of during the earlier drive. It takes about thirty minutes to stroll the entirety of the Philip Hulitar Sculpture Garden but you will want to sit and linger a while in this beautiful oasis. I had quite a nice conversation with these two fellows, who shared some weighty thoughts about the world we live in.

P1700557 (2)

We continued our drive down Royal Palm Way toward the ocean and this day, instead of turning South, we turned north. Well, wouldn’t you just know it! Within less than a quarter mile there it was. The blue door.

P1700569 (2)

For whatever reason, the image of this door spoke to me from the day I saw a photo of it on Instagram. It is inviting, but restrictive at the same time. That is the essence of Palm Beach – the land of the “haves” and the rest of us who admire the view.

P1700619 (2)

Once in a while someone will have left their doors open and we get a little peek inside.

When that does not happen, you could just be bold and walk up the driveway of a home under reconstruction and see something like this through an open door.

P1700609 (2)

Or maybe this…

P1700575 (2)

Palm Beach is filled with classic symbols of the divide between “them and us.” I wonder what Franklin and Winston would have to say about that growing divide. To see more beautiful doors, visit Norm 2.0, our host for Thursday Doors.

P1700615 (2)

Even their lawn ornaments make a statement!

15 thoughts on “Behind the Doors of Palm Beach

  1. That door is lovely, I can understand why it spoke to you. I need to keep reminding myself of the value of Instagram in searching for places and to sights to see in specific areas. The Have and Have Not divide is getting bigger and I don’t see much interest in closing the gap anytime soon.


  2. Looked like you were having a good conversation with the 2 fellows and sharing a good laugh. Love the picture. Glad you found the door too :-). Merry Christmas to you guys and have a wonderful holiday season.


  3. Suzanne, I’m glad you found the door and shared it. It’s lovely. I guess you’re on the wrong side of the proverbial tracks or maybe here it’s the wrong side of the gate. Although I like a large, to me, house, I don’t have any desire for a mansion and all the furniture, cleaning, etc. that would go into the upkeep. Of course, as my girls used to remind me when they were little, I’d have enough money to pay people to do the cleaning and all that. I’d prefer a nice, homey place and to use the money to travel, etc. 🙂 Merry Christmas!



  4. I really have no complaints about my side of the tracks and enjoy all that we have. My home is very comfortable, (a maid would be nice), we are healthy, as busy as we would like to be and travel often. I could not ask for more. Palm Beach is in a different stratosphere altogether. I am happy to enjoy the view!


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