Captured Moments – Wing It

This week’s Captured Moment is from a beach photo shoot that I did with my husband a few days ago. The objective was to arrive at low tide and shoot from the beach with the coquina rocks as a backdrop. I chose black as our wardrobe color since I thought it would make a dramatic contrast to the texture of the beige rocks. Best laid plans….

The water, even at low tide was covering most of the beach in front of the rocks, which meant that we had to stay on top of them, rather than venture below as planned. It was also very windy – think sea spray. And, even though it was late in the afternoon (around 4:00) there were no clouds to shade the sun. And, did I mention, we were wearing BLACK! So….on to plan B, which I did not have. After a lot of moaning, mostly from me, we decided to just go with it. The result was a few, not so Christmas card worthy photos that I absolutely love in spite of the conditions.


This week’s Captured Moment is titled – Wing It! When you are with the person you love most in the world, that is never hard to do.

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