Captured Moments – Nature’s Poetry

This scene has an ethereal quality that evokes reflection. It is the sort of photo that deserves to have insightful and inspirational words accompanying it. If only I were a poet. Stillness shrouded in morning dew…

DSC08148 (2)

uncertainty yielding…

Fortunately, the photo speaks for itself so I won’t go on. I hear the silence, feel the mist on my face and relinquish my soul to soothing, that is enough for me. Our Captured Moment for today is Nature’s Poetry. Feel free to share your thoughts.

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11 Responses to Captured Moments – Nature’s Poetry

  1. What a beautiful picture! One part quietly comforting and one part mysterious.


  2. Gilda Baxter says:

    Beautiful picture. Did you have to stand in the middle of the road to capture it?


  3. pmaghamfar says:

    Oh that’s lovely and so serene, I do love a drive through the misty fall-colored woods. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year and I’m sad to have missed the colors on the east coast this year. I’ve already told Abi we need to return to Vermont in the fall of 2018 to make up for it.


  4. Just beautiful. Very evocative and makes me miss Autumn.


    • Suzanne says:

      We are lucky to find Fall just a few hours north of our home in Florida. I love green grass and Palm trees, but there is something to be said for experiencing all four seasons!


  5. Joanne Sisco says:

    The words that come to mind are ‘step into the unknown’. Lovely!

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