Captured Moments – Solitude

Our “Captured Moment” for this Sunday is a self-portrait that I took while visiting my favorite beach. Malcolm and I go there regularly to photograph the beauty of the sea. Sometimes I go there to be alone. Solitude fills many needs inside my soul – clarity, creativity, energy; all things essential to happiness.


Did you know that loneliness is a synonym for solitude? Personally, I have never connected the two. What do you think?

13 thoughts on “Captured Moments – Solitude

  1. I would struggle with that connection as well. Solitude in moments of life can be calming and rejuvenating for the soul – loneliness equates to sadness, despair in my book. I don’t think you have to be lonely to be in solitude. Lovely photo.


  2. I agree that – at least for me – loneliness and solitude are not synonymous. But, I can understand why they might be for certain people and under certain situations.

    That photo of you is lovely… so much better than those selfies everyone insists on taking of themselves. I assume, because you called it a “self portrait,” that you set everything up beforehand and used a timing device or a Bluetooth clicker? Brilliant!


  3. Such a lovely photo and the rocks are incredible. I wouldn’t think of loneliness and solitude as interchangeable synonyms. I enjoy and crave solitude at times to recharge my soul and, indeed, I find a lot of happiness in my own company. And there’s not much sadder than feeling alone, even when you’re surrounded by a crowd. Anita


  4. Nice one and l don’t think it reflects loneliness, just solitude. I would not interchange the two at all. I love solitude and enjoy my own company. I usually have to make an effort to mingle.


    1. The responses to this photo and my question have been interesting. What I am realizing is that Bloggers have a lot in common beyond travel, photos, and writing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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