Captured Moments – Spontaneity

A few months ago we were wandering around Mounts Botanical Garden taking photographs and enjoying nature when we stumbled upon a thick patch of bamboo. While I pondered light, perspective, settings and composition,  Malcolm squeezed into the middle of the patch with his camera and this was the result.

endless possibilities

There are those who do things instinctively and those that plan and ponder. Which one are you?

10 thoughts on “Captured Moments – Spontaneity

    1. I lean toward being more adventurous and spontaneous, while Malcolm is a meticulous planner. It’s nice to step out of our comfort zone from time to time, while maintaining balance.


  1. I think l lean more towards your thinking. Spontaneous, while my husband is more thoughtful and puts the brakes on when needed. Often l get mad, and often l find he’s right after thinking about it for a bit. I like the balance. It has saved us oodles of money and time to say the least :-).


    1. Kemkem, Malcolm calls it “processing” when we disagree and I storm off in a huff. Hate to admit it, but he usually is right. And ditto, he saves us oodles of money by being practical and patient. Easily admitted though is the fact that I have never once been disappointed with the eventual outcome. Love that word – Balance!


  2. Donna

    I definitely would have planned and pondered. My husband, Richard, would have just jumped in as Malcolm did. My consolation to this is that sometimes one way works best, and other times another way works best. At least neither of us feels redundant! 🙂
    I look forward to following more.


    1. Donna, I think that way as well. Life would be boring if everything was planned all the time, and a bit haphazard if left to chance. A little of both keeps things interesting. Thanks for stopping by.


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