About Our Photographs

In between road trips around Florida and extended travels, Malcolm and I have a laundry list of home improvement projects and family obligations that fill our time. It is also nice to be part of an active community, where we can pick and choose to participate in things that interests us. However, the biggest part of our down time is spent enjoying one of our other shared  hobbies – photography.

The beach is our “go to” place for taking photographs and being just fifteen minutes from the Atlantic Ocean makes it convenient to grab the gear and go on a moments notice. Avid weather watching is requisite for all Floridian’s and we are not an exception. Tidal charts and weather apps are essential for a “planned” outing, especially in the summer months. Our favorite time at the beach is on a cloudy day, waiting for a storm to roll in over the water. The depth and range of color in the clouds and in the water is extraordinary and makes shooting in any direction a pleasure.

Malcolm uses a Panasonic “point and shoot” with a built-in zoom lens most of the time, and I have a Panasonic GX7 Mirrorless with interchangeable lenses. Depending on the goal, I use either a 12mm-35mm, wide angle or a 100mm-300mm telephoto. My skill level falls into the “hobbyist” category, (evolving) with Malcolm hovering just below that benchmark. I like editing photographs, while he is satisfied with straight out of the camera. We typically produce a wide range of images that tell our retirement story on this blog and on our Instagram page and we are constantly striving to improve our abilities.

FullSizeRender (6)
Treasure Coast – House of Refuge shoreline
My favorite place in the world – home

These photos were taken against the same late afternoon sky, within minutes of each other. The one on top is obviously edited. I love the moodiness of the deeper colors and think that it elevates the photograph. The second one is out of the camera, as is. It does not need to be enhanced to make a point.

You will find both types of photos on our Blog, along with staged and styled shots that are intended to draw a readers attention to the content of the post. Sometimes the very best we can do is to shoot through the tour bus window, as was the case in this shot, but we think you will agree that the results tell the story. You can read the post that includes this picture here.

P1530980 (2)
Coastal views in route to Giant’s Causeway

Photography is important to the message we want to convey, which is that life evolves. Retirement is a stage of life, not the end of life. Embrace your situation and live the life that you were meant to live. Be happy!


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