Treasure Hunting

We love to ride our bikes and take them almost everywhere we go.  We notice things more acutely and feel more connected with nature when we are riding .  After a while, we actually start to consciously look for things that are unusual and photo worthy. The ride becomes a treasure hunt.

Last year we were riding on Jupiter Island when we noticed a small trail just off the road.  It was one of those perfect days when the sun is bright, the temperature is in the low 70’s and all is right with the world.

The treasure we found on this ride was a small, beautifully tended garden.  The red bridge pictured below is at the entrance to the garden and bikes are not allowed, so we locked them up and walked over.  The path meanders along the waterway and has several spots to sit and enjoy the water.  The walk is about one mile round trip.


The garden has many elements of a traditional Japanese Garden, including this beautiful red bridge.  There are lanterns, fish, flowers, greenery, serene places to sit and contemplate life, and of course rocks and sand.  All of the elements blend effortlessly to create this special haven.


The Village Bike Shop on Bridge Road in Hobe Sound, FL is a great place to rent a bike for the day if you are not traveling with your own.  You will want to plan about three to four hours to ride the entire island, (20 miles round trip).  Of course you can power ride it in much less time, but that’s not our style.  We intentionally take our time, making several stops along the way to enjoy the island’s natural beauty.  Starting at Village Bikes, ride East toward the ocean.  When you get to the beach, turn right and follow the road South. You can also park at the beach parking lot and begin your ride there.  I won’t tell you exactly where the garden  is because that would spoil your treasure hunt.  Hint – it is on the Indian River (west) side of the island near the marina.

Blowing Rock Preserve is also a favorite stopping point.  Check the tide charts if you want to see the water show! It is worth a visit at low tide as well, along with Coral Cove Park which is just down the road.


Beach Road is very narrow and you will need to ride single file most of the time.  There is not a lot of traffic, but there are other bikers who might be moving a bit faster than you. If you are there on a weekend, there will also be a few sight-seers taking a slow drive with the top down, hoping to get a glimpse of the home of someone rich and famous.  I found this great article about biking Jupiter Island that you might enjoy. It shares lots of interesting information about the island.

Parking along the roadside is not allowed, but with a bike, you can explore little coves and hidden paths all along the way.  Trespassing is a bad idea, so be mindful of private property signs.  Quiet coves like the one below are commonplace along the island.


Walk your bikes down the path and enjoy being alone on a beautiful beach.  Go ahead, get wet. Of course, you can double back at any time, but if you want the full experience, follow Beach Road until it curves back East toward US 1 then ride the bike path down A1A back to your parked car. End the day with a sunset cocktail at U-Tiki , Guanabanas or one of several other casual establishments.


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