Natural Beauty

South Florida Beaches are stunning, and we are lucky to be within twenty minutes of a real beauty.  Hutchinson Island, just over the causeway from Stuart, Florida is our favorite place to take photographs or just hang out for a while.  Being retired makes it easy to be spontaneous, so we are likely to drive out to the beach at any time of day.  The conditions are always unique and our photographs typically reflect the experience.

The Coquina rock that lines the shore along Hutchinson Island creates a kind of drama not typically associated with Florida beaches.  We also have a pretty heavy surf most of the time, which is very different from the West side of our state which has it’s own special charm.   This beach is a popular spot for weddings, portrait and landscape photography, beach combing, surf fishing, bird watching and surfing.  One visit here and it is easy to see why.

At Low Tide


Low Tide Sea Foam

High Tide

Conditions were perfect today for surfing so when we tired of splashes at the House of Refuge in Stuart, we traveled down the beach to watch the surfers.  I love capturing facial expressions so I attached the telephoto lens to my Lumix GX7 and tracked a few surfers until I got this one.


The wipe-outs can be pretty interesting too.


If the action gets slow out on the water, there are always a few beautiful birds willing to pose for a portrait.


There is nothing quite like a few hours at the beach to remind you of how good life is.


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