Welcome to Picture Retirement

After eleven years of retirement, we think we have a few things figured out but we still have a lot to learn.  While we struggled in the beginning to find our “new identity” as a retired couple, we have managed to get to a comfortable place where we at least know what we want out of our retirement years.  What we want, is to have a home base that is reasonably close to where our daughter lives, some time set aside each year for travel and adventure, and a balanced lifestyle that includes hobbies, volunteer work, friends and family. Fitness and health are very important at this stage of life and while we do pay attention, we are not fanatical about what we eat or how much we exercise.  All things in moderation works for us.

We live in Florida where the sun shines 95% of the time and temperatures average in the 80’s for most of the year.  We are surrounded by water and flat terrain.  Both of which provide great opportunities to get out and enjoy the outdoors.  We have access to several international airports, universities, hospitals, theaters and fine dining establishments. Our town has a well-developed network of volunteer opportunities and an abundance of community activities that can be attended for free.

We can watch the sunrise on the Atlantic and set on the Gulf of Mexico in the same day, should we chose to do so. Coast to coast is a short three-hour drive.  The Florida Keys are a bit further, but still accessible, and the Forgotten Coast is a day trip away.  Our beloved Treasure Coast provides a myriad of activities, with nooks and crannies still to be discovered.  From Tallahassee to Miami, our cities and towns are culturally diverse, laid back, trendy, eclectic and always fun to visit.  We have more State Parks than we could ever visit, although we are trying and our wetlands and preserves are teeming with nature just waiting for the avid photographer to discover.  This is paradise, and we get to call it home!

Photography is a hobby that we both enjoy and our blog posts are picture intensive. All of the photographs here were taken by either Malcolm or myself.  You are welcome to copy and share, but please give photo credit to “Picture Retirement.” You will find more of our photography on Instagram at Picture_Retirement.

We hope you will follow along as we continue our journey.


Welcome 2017 Blowing Rock Beach, Jupiter Island, Florida

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5 Responses to Welcome to Picture Retirement

  1. Gilda Baxter says:

    My husband and I are taking early retirement soon. It is interesting to hear about your experience, it does help that you live in such a beautiful corner of the world 😄


  2. pmaghamfar says:

    Catching up with my life here in Porto and finally getting a chance to peruse your site!


  3. Suzanne says:

    Peruse away. Stormy weather interrupted our summer plans to visit all of Florida’s Coasts, but we are slowly getting back on track. Heading to the Space Coast and First Coast next week. Lots of good stuff coming up. We enjoyed your rail adventure and look forward to reading more soon.


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